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Made a complaint to Lowes in regards to the Reliabilt door I purchased and it wasnt even six months old & the glass broke. Lowes sent someone to my house to check it out and said the glass itself was defective and they would replace it.

(Mind you the door company wouldnt replace it but Lowes stepped up and said they would) Welllllll I waited and waited and didnt get my glass. I got on here and complained about it and Lowes called me. Well the NIGHT they chose to call I had burried my Dad that afternoon of course I was out of my mind and told them I was going to file a law suit against RELIABILT DOORS because this door is a piece of ***. They said RELIABILT DOORS warranty doesnt cover the glass.

Nice huh? Soooo instantly the customer service rep says well I cant talk to you anymore since you said law suit. OK once again I burried my Dad that day and was crazy out of my mind & honestly can't tell you everything I said because I was so mad & upset. So Lowes DIDNT replace my glass & here I am heading into winter with a door that doesnt have the needed glass.

I bought this door spent 1,200 dollars on it to stop the winter air from coming in and to keep my house warmer.I have NO money to buy the needed glass because I'm still paying for my Dads funeral expenses. I'm telling you I ordered all new Pella windows for my home from Lowes bought siding, lumber, kitchen stove, fridge, microwave, paint, tools, you name it Ive bought it from them and cant tell you how many THOUSANDS of dollars Ive spent there. YES I screamed about a law suit and it was meant to be about the door company I was insane mad and vulnerable at the time of this "customer service" call and this is what Lowes did for me. MY DOOR ISNT FIXED.

The worst part is I LOVE the employees at my local Lowes they're outstanding why can't corporate be the same? Im stuck with a beautiful $1,200 door and the outside glass is GONE. This my friends is what you get when dealing with Lowes. I will put this on other sites, youtube, facebook, twitter ALL FORMS OF SOCIAL MEDIA so it goes viral and everyone can see whats happened to me with this door.

I'm so mad over this and sad at the same time because I love the local store. I had thought at one time they gave me the wrong lumber for my enclosed patio and I hadnt figured it out till it was built (I'm a 49 yr old woman who has no clue about this stuff) and Lowes sent out two employees and they explained every detail about this lumber to me and went off my receipt I was WRONG. But they took the time to make sure it wasn't their fault. I can admit when Im wrong, why can't Lowes do the right thing and take care of this glass issue?

Better yet why would they deal with a company who makes defective doors?

This glass SHATTERED due to no fault of mine. I can't say it enough, my local Lowes has OUTSTANDING employees but corporate needs to take another look at this issue and do the RIGHT THING.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have to say after writing this complaint that Lowes stepped up, called me the next day, and my glass was replaced a week later. THANK YOU Lowes!


I wrote this review and I have to say Lowes called the next morning at 9:00 AM and due to scheduling they said it would take a week. After a week the installer was here and my door is now fixed.

THANK YOU Lowes. Way to shine!