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I purchased a microwave at Lowes 9 months ago. 4 months later the microwave stopped working.

No return option, no apologies from Lowes when we brought the microwave back to the store. We bought another microwave, bought an extended warranty. 100 days later, this microwave stops working too. Could not return the item to the store, had to call the warranty dept.

Store clerk said a "repairman" would come to the house and fix the microwave. Tried calling the "24 hour/7 day a week service repair on the warranty as stated on the warranty. Found they are open 5 days a week, 7:30-4:30/ not 24/7. Very frustrating experience, will never shop at Lowes again.

Customer service is non-existent. Store clerks know very little and provide no help or guidance. This is a new Lowe's store in Moses Lake, WA.

I suggest shopping at Home Depot.

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I worked in returns for many months in my store and dealt with soo many customers such as yourself; when will you people get it through your thick skulls, it's not lowes fault if your product decides to die after our return policy expires, we can't just give in to you, although in my store that's how it works most of the time, and what kind of apology do you want from lowes, it's not our problem and we don't make the hours that we are available, you know people can't be on your beck and call 24/7, that's just entitlement b.s. Next time research different brands and find one that's rated higher, instead of blaming people who have nothing to do with it. :cry


We purchased a vent free gas stove from the Lowes store in Auburn. We hired an experienced gas furnace guy from our area to install it.

He spent 4 hours with no success.

It would not ignite so took it back and got our money back. We are wondering what the policy is for getting reinbursed for the labor we paid which was $91.00 and nothing to show for it.


its actually a 7 day return policy on the mircowave. Now if you had your reciept and there was a recall on the item would of taking it back no questions asked.


We are in the process of getting the microwave repaired through the warranty process. It certainly has not been an easy process.

We have to take the microwave to a repair shop in another town as the repair shop does not have enough employees right now to come to our home. When we bought the second micowave, we just thought the first one going bad was a "fluke", but bought the warrantly just to be safe. When I referred to an appology from the store,I was referring to attitude and customer service.

It would have been good customer service for the store to be friendly, courteous and approprioatley sorry for the inconvienence and hassel that we were going through; none of which occurred. Regardless that it was a manufacture defect, the store is selling the product.


I wonder what your attitude was. Did you go in and act like a *** Bet ya did!

You have to remember people that work customer service are ppl too. You treat ppl bad, they are not going to go out of their way to help you, and honestly they probably didn’t care about your problem if you came across to them the way you come across in this thread. Do you have any idea how many ppl say, the customer service desk deals w in a week? People much nicer, w much bigger problems than a microwave.

You get what you give.Psssshhh by the way.... the associates don’t make the product or the policy. So you want an apology?

Whaaaaaa whaaaa , *** off. How about that?


Actually there is a 90 day return policy at Lowe's. It's a 30 day price match.

Lowe's distributes, does not make the products they sell. They do offer extended warranties like any other appliance retailer. Since you didn't purchase it the first time to save money, you wound up paying for it (of course if you had went to the manufacturer for support you wouldn't of had to buy another microwave).

When you did buy the warranty on the second microwave, apparently you were not sure of what you were buying. Why spend money on something that you are unclear of it's benefits?

Two microwaves go bad in one year...have you checked your electrical wiring?

BTW, what kind of apology did you want from Lowe's? Just curious.


Also, how did Consumer Reports rate the microwave???The brand and/or model could have not been recommended by other consumers.


There is a 30 day return policy at Lowe's. The warranty that comes with your microwave or any other appliance is a MANUFACTURER'S warranty and that is why you deal with the MANUFACTURER.

The extended protection plan works by calling the the EPP hotline. If you follow the the procedures that are put in place everything would be fine.

You may even receive a brand new replacement microwave from the manufacturer. Its unforunate that honest consumers have to jump through these hoops that are a direct results from dishonest consumers who have tried to scam retail stores and get something for nothing.