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I bought a HDTV antenna about 2 weeks ago at Lowes. I couldn't get even one channel with the thing.

I probably paid cash since it wasn't on my debit card. I try to use cash often to avoid the damn credit fraud which shuts my card down every so often. Rep enters all the info and spits out a stupid little receipt that says they can't accept the return without a receipt. Screw them.

I shop in there all the time. I have so many receipts its a PITA to track them. So WTF do I do with a useless friggin antenna. I like to shiove it up their ARS!

They might be surprised by the damage that can be done to merchandise in the store. Scratched sliding door glass, power tools with cut cords, etc. Just started to think of the things that could be damaged by a pissed off customer. I'll get my money back!

Stupid friggin greedy business managers to decide that they don;t want to accept a return of a product only they sell.

He who laughs last, laughs hardest! I'll be ROTFLMAO!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Lowes Pros: Thoughts of revenge.

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The reason they won't accept your return without a receipt is that you have mad too many returns without receipts. Most stores limit returns without receipts because that's the only way thieves return the products they have stolen.

In the future hang on to your receipts till you are sure you are going to use the item, or in the case of more expensive products with a warranty, till the warranty has expired. Stores aren't responsible to babysit you and your record keeping.


It's your own fault. If you can't keep track of a simple receipt or even use MyLowes (the training wheels equivalent for keeping your receipts) then you can't blame anybody but yourself.


So you can't hold onto a receipt. The only person to blame is yourself.

Nobody cares how much money you spend there. You're gonna damage merchandise just because you can't be responsible enough to keep track of your own purchases?

That just makes them jack up the prices for everything else you buy. What a loser.


You’re an ***. They change policy and I’m stuck with merchandise! Screw them!


There's been no change to the return policy for over a decade. Nice try, loser.


You’re too stupid to argue with. Read the policy change they implemented before you stick your shlong in your mouth. Cant hear you!


Who hurt you?




Wrong, you are the guilty.


Wrong, your own fault. Hopefully you will be arrested for property damage.