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After 6 years of hard work and loyalty my husband was told today he was being moved from manager to a customer service associate because of the lowes pilot program. This is devastating to say the least.

Everything he has worked for has now been ripped right out underneath him. Left with the feeling of he just wasn't good enough and having to start all over again. I hope they are all happy with adding more money in their pockets and taking from people and their families . I know we are not the only ones effected by this program and feel for everyone involved .

Tomorrow he starts a job in another department with his title stripped . All the store manager did was read a bull *** letter from corporate informing him he was no longer a manager , with not one once of remorse . *** lowes !!

We will do better . But I will make it a point to never shop there again and tell everyone we know not to do business with a company that treats your employees like trash!

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The same thing happened to my Brother after 10 years of working for Lowes! Then, the Manager has the audacity to ask him what he thinks of his future with the company and informs him that he has a bright future with Lowes and that his time there is not over.

Really? 10 years of devoted service to a company and they suddenly demote you for no reason other than they want to save money? Not to mention the fact that he was not chosen for a service manager position. Instead, 2 employees with under 6 months experience who don't even know about products in their own departments got 2 of those positions over him!

How can they ever expect any devoted employee to stay after being treated like that?

I am personally sickened by this. I have been a loyal Lowes customer for years and now I will be taking my business elsewhere!


Obviously he didn't outperform the 5 or 6 existing department managers who got bumped up to service manager. Unless it's different per store he'll retain his pay in the new position for one year allowing him to find a new position to make a permanent move to.


At least he still has a job. If Trumps starts taxing imports there will be a lot of retail jobs lost.