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My Credit line was lowered without my knowledge . And lve paid my bill always on time super pissed .

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have always paid my bill at Lowes on time and never missed a payment Lowes /Synchony Bank

Has made a big mistake . First of all if l was a dead beat and didn't pay my bill l can understand this .

However always since l was a card holder since 2007 lve always paid my bill . The credit was lowered . And l called the center and someone named samatha told me that oh yes this was done just recently . And would be getting a letter .

As a *** man whom just recently purchased a new home they have lost my business and l will make sure to let my friends whom shop in oak lawn dallas Tx that Lowes doesn't want our business . Period !


Did you ever consider that purchasing that new home could affect your credit? With the new mortgage your total debt increased.

You are probably putting more of your income into your house payment therefore decreasing the amount you have to pay toward your other debt. What happened to your credit score when you purchased the new home?

Dig it go up or take a dip? Be willing to be it took a bit of a dip causing the change in credit limit.