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After four times being ripped off by LOWES I refuse to go to this store anymore. I had 2 - $5.00 coupons for Scotts turf builder.

First I was told I could not use..then the supervisor which I had the cashier call said it was fine to use as I had 2 of the product. So the cashier rang up and the coupons did not come off...I had to go to the customer service desk.

Warning watch your receipt at LOWES - they rip you off with coupons...then you have to be inconvienced and go to the customer service desk to correct....which they do reluctantly. I refuse to shop here anymore....go to Home Depot or any other hardward store....stay away from Lowes....the biggest rip off store going.

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Maybe it was the Lowe's you went to. I have never had a problem using coupons there.

I have plenty of 10% off coupons and I have used them in conjunction w/product coupons. I would call Lowe's corporate and more than likely they will send you a gift card for your dissatisfaction.

I have a particular Lowe's that I will no longer shop at. They were so bad that after purchasing $1200 in custom shades that they took off $400 off of my order.

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