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My 90 year old grandparents purchased a $11,700 Tin Roof! Erica Woodward-Ford was the sales rep from Lowes on Laurinburg NC.

She never followed up to see if the job was complete! She avoided my grandpa when he realized the job was not complete and went to the store looking for her! The installers lied to my grandparents telling them the job was complete and it wasn't! They installed a new roof left all the rotten facia board and broken soffit hanging from the sides!

It looks horrible! I have been contacting Lowes for over 3 months. Everyone knows about this issue from the managers at Laurinburg all the way to the CEO!

The last response I received was they was going to try and charge them more for something that should have been done! My grandparents are facing age discrimination by lowes and taken advantage of!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Did your parents pay for new soffit and facia? Normally a new roof is just that, the materials on top of the house.

If they contracted for soffit and facia it would say so on the contract.

If soffit and facia are not on the contract Lowes would be correct in asking for more money to replace them as well. My guess, by the price they paid, they just bought roofing.


If there is an issue with the tin roof your pictures fail to show it. Included pictures show problems with the fascia and soffit panels.

Normally, a re-roof job will not include those items unless specified and requested by the customer and likely performed by a different craftsman than the roofer and at additional cost. It appears that the reviewer does not fully understand the issue at hand and unfortunately is causing himself unnecessary anguish.


Unfortunately you are really going after the wrong people. You actually are stuck in the middle between Lowe's and the company they subcontracted to install the roof.

Lowe's doesn't actually install anything they just get the job, quote you a price, the sub contract it out to whatever company is willing to do the work and make less then half of what they would normally make. Lowe's keeps 50% of the money off the top for doing nothing but selling the job. Then the poor desperate roofer gets to do a job for half the profit he normally would. If the job was for attaching metal roofing, that is what they did.

They aren't going to go out of their way to do anything else that isn't specified on the work order. Why would they if they are already going broke doing work for Lowe's? This is how it works with any installations done by Lowe's or Home depot. The people that do the work are not employees of those companies, but desperate contractors that are getting paid a lot less to do the job than they should be getting.

So why should they care how well it gets done? And most unfortunately for you, the store personnel have no control or recourse to correct this problem.


Don't accept the job if you are not going to do it correct! They know the price before they accept the job!

They have obligation to themselves and the consumer to do the job correctly!

I don't accept excuses for laziness and subpar work! However I am going after everybody and as of yesterday they are going to fix everything 100% in two days..so once I see it complete then I will update!