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I just now came back from HOME DEPOT.

1. But before that I first went to LOWES, in Morganville on Rt. 9. There I waited patiently for about 10 minutes for three gentleman at the Lumbar Section to finish a conversation.

2. When I was finally attended to, I handed over a Stud, 2 x 3 - 96" and respectfully asked it to be cut at 49" for easy transportation.

3. When I saw the method of measurement, I asked the gentleman to please make sure the cut to be at exactly 49".

4. The Store Assistant said that he will cut it but cannot guarantee it to be 49' I was surprised and told him in Africa we are Metric but have the ability to cut wood precisely.

5. He then said that is why America is a super power and Africa not. I did not understand his point and did not respond but took the two pieces he handed me.

6. On the bench there was a Measuring Tape and I discovered the cutoff piece to be 49 3/4"

7. I said that now it is not what I wanted and not usable - he said that I am cursing. Which I did not, but thanked him for nothing and walked to the Cashier.

8. I decided to go to Home Depot and told the Lady at the door to please keep the lumber.

The service and attitude at Lowes I find disgusting and will never go back there.

Gerhard Odendaal

941 321 1031

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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