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To whom it may concern:

Today ( July 18) at about 1:45 pm , I went to your store in Sandy Springs on Roswell Rd regarding a sign that I thought yourcompany would be interested in. I've attached a photo of the sign. Given what happened at this store earlier this week I thought that Lowes would be interested in the sign as a reminder for people to CHECK their cars before entering one of your stores.Obviously not only was I wrong but your "associate" was very rude and condescending to me. I believe his name was Dan and he couldn't have been more rude to me as I showed him one of my signs. I have to assume that Dan is a reflection of your overall corporate attitude towards your customers being that if the customer is'nt buying then "we ( Lowes) aint got time for that customer. I'm not upset that you arent interested in the sign. I AM UPSET at the snotty condescending reception I got from Dan, who is probably a very low level person. He showed no interest in even giving me the name of the right person at Lowes to talk to.A Lowes marketing person may be ? Dan couldnt get rid of me fast enough!! He was rude and snotty for no reason. He made me feel as if I was homeless person that had just come in off the street wanting a handout.

In case you werent aware: a shopper at your Sandy Springs store left her child in her hot car while she went into your store. After a few minutes of hearing the commotion by folks trying to free the child, she ran back out to her and drove off. A store employee got her tag and she was arrested today, I believe.

I saw my sign as a very simple and cheap way for Lowes to remind folks about the DEADLY consequences of leaving a child/petin a hot car. I also thought that since this story was all over the news channels down here Lowes might take advantage of providing a public service and enjoying some free "great" publicity as well.

Two things are quite clear to me now. 1) Lowes doesnt give a *** about their customers 2) Lowes is penny wise and pound foolish. No one should be treated as NASTILY as I was by ANYBODY !! I am sorry that I thought my sign would help the public and therefore increase sales for you. How *** of me ! I am a retired Inv. Banker and in 30+ years in a rough and tumble business I NEVER treated ANYONE the way Dan treated me today. FYI, ther were a couple of female associates who were present as well. HOME DEPOT HERE I COME !!!!

Andrew A. Smith

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As a lowes employee for more than 11 years, nothing makes us more happy than hearing someone say "I'm going to Home Depot". That means that you are the one that has the bad attitude in the first place and we really don't want to deal with people like you at all...


You weren't a customer, you were soliciting. There us still no excuse for rude behavior.