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Please let me start by stating that I know nothing about building or contracting. I know what a roof is, what a shingle is and a few basic terms but other than that could not put a roof on a house. It is for that very reason that I contacted several companies about having a new roof installed on my house.

After many dead ends and call backs from companies that would only give me a quote if I was ready to sign immediately, I called Lowe's thinking that a huge company with a good reputation would give me a fair quote and do a quality job, surprise, the joke was on me!

After contacting Lowe's and playing phone tag with a salesman for several days a very nice older gentleman came out and gave my wife and I a quote. He spent several hours with us and explained the entire process. Showed us "books" of shingles and explained the differences between three tab and architectural shingles as well as the warranties associated with both. He assured us that Lowe's stood behind not only their products but also the workmanship of the company actually doing the job. (Lowe's subcontracts the work out to other companies) Lowe's also informed my wife and I that if they underestimated the amount of materials they needed to complete the job that they would "eat" the difference. If they over estimated the materials needed that we would be credited. This over / under assurance was based on what the contractor in discussions with Lowe's estimated out.

Feeling assured with this policy and guarantee, My wife and I picked out an architectural shingle that the salesman said would be very good for us. We then picked out a color that was close to the color that was already on the house, desert tan. We helped the salesman measure the area as he calculated a price for the job. $8,400.00 was the total price and we signed on the dotted line thinking that our new roof was just a few days away.

A couple days later we received a call from the Lowe's salesman, it went something like this. I am sorry but I misquoted your roof job and I have a new price for you. OK what is the new price I asked. $12,100.00 he responded. I was shocked and stunned into silence. The other end of the phone was silent also. Almost a 50 percent increase I asked. Well not really came the answer it is only about 43 percent. That answer really pissed me off, semantics I answered. I told the salesman that we had a signed contract to do the roof for the original price and what was he trying to do to us. He responded by saying, you have a contract for 26 square of shingles for $8,400.00 but the roof will take 31 square to finish the job. So what I responded, we had a deal. He then proceeded to inform me that he would put 26 square of shingles on the roof for that price but that I would need to pay more to get the job completed. I was pissed, upset and very confused, was not a contract a contract? If they did this to me regarding the price would they also do it to me when something else that they forgot to figure into the job came up ?

We finally agreed to think things over and the salesman informed me that he would talk to his manager and see what he could do for us and that I should call back in a few days.

I called back in a few days and was informed that the manager agreed to split the difference and that the new price would be $10,100.00 if I signed the new contract that day. So I drove down to Lowe's and signed the new contract and was told how sorry and embarrassed they all were. No problem I said and thanked them for working with me.

The next day I got a call from the another person who informed me that she was the install contact and that the materials would be arriving at my house on Sunday between 10 am and 2 pm. Great I said thinking that the job was moving forward. Sure enough the truck arrived on Sunday at 9am but after unloading the material the driver informed us that some of the drip edge was damaged and that we should call Lowe's and inform them of it.

Figuring I would do one better, I drove to Lowe's, talked with a customer service rep and told her of my situation. She listened very politely then informed me that she needed to talk to a manager. Upon her return I was informed that I would have to purchase new drip edge then return the damaged material for a credit. Shocked at what I had just heard I said it was not my problem and that I wasn't going to purchase anything or return anything and left the store.

When I returned home I called the install person that had contacted us and told her of my situation. She was very nice and informed me that they would take care of the problem. She asked how many were damaged and I told her two or three but that I would go outside to get an exact count. When I went out to get the count I noticed that there were two different colors of shingles when I had only picked out one color. There was one pallet of Black Onex and one of Desert Tan. I informed the rep of what I had found. I also said that I wasn't getting a warm fuzzy feeling about this project and she rest assured me that it was just a delivery mistake. Shortly after that conversation I got a call from the salesman asking me just how many bundles of shingles I had received. I went back out in the pouring rain and counted all the bundles on the two pallets. No problem he said, the right ones would be delivered in the morning.

Well the next morning the shingles were delivered and yes they were the right color. But as they were picking up the wrong ones they dug up my lawn and left a large pile of my sod in my driveway. OK, not a big deal I figured, a small price to pay to keep the job moving forward.

A little while later as the roofing contractors were stripping the roof of the old shingles someone asked me why I didn't go with an architectural shingle instead of a three tag. What I asked, I paid for an architectural shingle. No he responded they are a three-tab shingle however, they were the right color.

Once again I got on the phone with Lowe's. Needless to say my patience had run out. Wrong price, damaged drip edge, wrong colors now the wrong shingle, what next. The customer service rep told me she didn't see anything about architectural shingles on my contract. Once again I was out of my mind since it was plainly written on my copy of the contract. After much debate she assured me that it would be taken care of and that she would call me right back. She did to my great surprise and informed me that the right shingles would be loaded onto a truck as we were speaking and that they would be on their way. 3 hours later the shingles arrived and the project once again got underway.

I honestly don't know if Lowe's was trying to recover some of the money it took off from the $12,000 price by substituting a lesser quality shingle in the same color or if it was an honest mistake but if someone hadn't been there that knew shingles, the lesser quality ones would have been on the roof.

The job is done, it looks very nice but if it wasn't for the roofing contractor that Lowe's hired to do the job, Lowe's would have heard from our lawyer by now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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What lowes are you referring to? We just got an $8k quote from them... In Kingston NY