Lowes said that they cut tile for customers I bought some quarter round trim to go between my wall and countertop and only needed 4 peices cut into mitered corners. this is a very small job.

After i purchased it they told me their saw was broken and sent me to another store and their saw was broken and sent me to another store and at that store no one knew how to make a mitered corner and had no idea how to miter a corner so they of course goofed it up.

The sign is very large and states that they will cut tiles for you- ha ha tomorrow I am taking all the trim back including the goofed up stuff.

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I guess the OP is too poor or *** to use a hacksaw and miter box? Panel saws do not cut angles dipshit.


You needed to mark off the area you wanted cut in the first place...However the mitres don't seem to be as messed up as yourself

to hmmmmm #976737

You're just about ridiculous.

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