Norfolk, Virginia

We have a new Lowes store in Franklin Va

and I went there on Saturday night to purchase

a beverage/wine refrigerator. The add said, on sale

for $99.99, reg $149.99.

The add also said silver or white was avaliable &

but it does not say for an additional costs. The

regular costs on this item is the same no matter

what color , so How is the sales price different?

The manager on duty was Rude so I will travel

20 miles further for better service at the Suffolk Virginia location and you need to stray away from

from false advertising or someone needs to Sue you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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No it probably is not false advertiseing but that is how they operate. You think you are getting the same thing you see somewhere else but you really get *** from these kinds of places.

What are you guys in high school concerned about spelling more than getting ripped off.

Go talk about something you know about like cd's or movies. I am in the building trades you must be too huh.


There really is no need to be mean to one another, and Jason, don't throw stones when you mis-spelled "misinterpret"and "advertising"

and to the main poster:

on our ads, the item number is always placed next to the sale price, always double check that the item you want from the store is exactly the same as the one in the ad...


someone like you are always wanting to SUE companies for some BULL *** AD.why don't people like you get a life. :cry :cry :cry


Hahaha :grin Nice response Jason.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #47897

If you read the way you type perhaps you were misinformed about the sale. Go back to school and learn proper English so you don't misinterrupt something and make a fool of yourself. Then when you have at least a fourth grade English level then go back to Lowes, read the ad carefully, and if you still feel it was false advertizing than rewrite this letter so it is at least at a fourth grade level.

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