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Dear Sir


Good morning I'm James Weaver I'm writing you in regards to a complaint I know you would want to be made aware of.

As a police officer I know how challenging the public can be. With that being said I'm not trying to add to the challenge of rude customers or complaining ones. I'm not asking for any discount I just want a follow up and maybe even a apology if you feel it's necessary.


On or about may 3 2014 I purchased a Rockwell sonic saw to complete a project at home. I purchased the saw at Lowe's in Winchester Virginia. When I got it home  I started my project. The saw worked for about a hour and then stopped. 

I purchased the saw in Winchester due to having a newborn baby with complications and he was in that hospital. My local store is woodstock Va. 


So I decided to return saw for only a exchange the at woodstock va store on may 11 2014.


As I approached the return desk and greeted your employee Carroll, she was working the return desk. I explained to her that I purchased the saw at lowes in Winchester using my lowes credit card and wanted to only exchange the broken one for a new one. Carroll asked me do you have your receipt ? I stated no ma'am I do not, however I purchased the product with my Lowes credit card. 

That it should be on record. Carroll for what ever reason rolled her eyes and and made a face to my reply which I did not understand. In my profession body language means alot.


Carroll stated that since I didn't have a receipt I needed to return the product to Lowes in Winchester Va. I replied ma'am you are my local Lowes. She said then why did you buy this from Winchester? I said cause my baby was in the hospital there. She said well you should take it there. I said it's fifty miles out of our way.

I asked Carroll to speak to a manger she stated she was trying to help me a however, she refused to get a manager instead she called one on the phone.... Terry....  She walked away continued talking to Terry. As she was talking another employee snatched my box with saw in it and opened it and said well you are missing the dust bag. I said sir it didn't come with a bag and I pointed to the box on the back showing him what came with it. He said well this has been used. I said yes for about a hour before it broke I've already explained all of this to Carroll.  By then Caroll returned and told me that Terry said she could not exchange it due to me not having a receipt. I asked you can't look the purchase up using my card. She said no because you bought it in another store I can't....  I said can you call Winchester Va store and confirm I bought it.. She said Terry said not to.


She handed the box back and my wife and I left...... Sir I just bought a 3300 dollar husquvana lawn mower from your woodstock store....... And you can't exchange a fifty dollar saw...? This to me was the worst customer service I've ever experienced..... I called the Winchester Va store and spoke to the manager Jason he stated he couldn't believe what they did and he would have exchanged it and they could have looked the purchase up using my  lowes card..... Is this true? 


I called Terry at woodstock Lowes to confirm this... He denied ever telling Carroll not to look it up. I don't understand the hassle I received by Carroll and Terry at the woodstock Va Lowes.... I'll be honest with you it has me so upset I'm paying my Lowes card off immediately and closing my account out and I will not ever shop Lowes again.... I will also let everyone I know, hear about the pitiful poor tasteless service I received by Carroll and Terry at Lowes in woodstock Va. 



Former  loyal customer

James Weaver


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Don't let that kind of service by one employee give you the idea that the whole store is like that. I worked at that lowe's for 2 years and even worked the returns department.

The reason why they could not look up your purchase at that particular store, was because the system cannot look into other stores records. The only thing they can do is look at inventory if you need to find an item that is out of stock at that store. You would need to take that item back to get your refund unfortunately. But that cashier in particular can be like with some of them a bit of a *** Terri on the other hand was a very nice and reasonable person but did have to fallow policy especially because he was not the head honcho there.

Though a manager, he was not the head manager. I don't know how old this is but if you have another problem ask to speak with Tim. He is the store manager. But remember what I told you you need to return it to the store you purchased it at.

They can look it up through your phone number, credit card, lowe's card, or receipt but only if its through that store. I hope this is helpful there really are nice people there.