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Lowes in White Marsh, MD. Jacki took my order for my kitchen counter tops and my money at the time I ordered.

Nothing special, laminated bull nose counter top in 2 pieces with a sink cut out. I get a call 2 days later from Jacki letting me know the counter manufacturer said he couldn't make my counters at the price they were sold to me. So I needed to come up with an additional $300 or my order would be canceled or changed to a cheaper style. I asked well isn't that the stores problem I paid in good faith.

I was working on a limited budget had no more to spend on counters.

They altered my order and I hated the results. *** Lowes, I only go there now when I'm desperate.


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Yep ....just finished talking & planning my kitchen counter tops . F' en incompetence.

My gut is telling me to go elsewhere with my 10 k remodel budget.

Rude and ignorant , where do they get these people from?

Will take business to home depot