Atlanta, Georgia
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Purchased a door form Lowes inYork County SC and paid for them to install the door. The door had to be looked at twice and now it won't even close.

They cam out took a look and decided it was a faulty installation BUT refused the claim. Now have to do a wild email goose chase and fire off to higher management . What pain.... Door wont even close all the way or lock.

This leaves the house vulnerable and subject to anyone entering the house at their will. My dogs even escaped one afternoon and went running amok in the neighborhood. What if they had been hit by a car all because the door won't remain closed?

I now have to secure the door by creating a blockade so it wont open. Complete pain in the *** and they're the ones whom installed it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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Area Installation Manager, Regional Installation Manager are the two people to talk to outside of the Store manager.

Lowe's likes dealing on the phone.

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