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I went to Lowes today to buy a new Dyson animal ball vacuum. They had one left in the box on the shelf. I was really happy they had one. I put it in the cart and check out paying a total of $524.69 thanks to 10% off for a military discount.

As I am loading the box in my truck I noticed the bottom is a little beat up looking and is duct taped shut. I figured it was probably damaged in shipping but that's what packaging is for. No big deal right? Wrong.

I get home excited to suck up all the annoying dog hair my old vacuum couldn't handle thanks to my golden shedding from the summer heat. I open the box and about s#$t my pants. The vacuum was destroyed and full of hair and dirt. I mean the only way this could happen is if someone chucked it out of a moving vehicle.

I instantly went back to Lowes with my nice slightly destroyed Dyson. I walked to the customer service desk, showed the girl and ask for a manager. 25 minutes later the *** *** shows up. He looks at it and looks at me but doesn't say anything. So I ask "Please tell me how this ends up back on your shelf for sale at full price with no markings like damaged or used?" His reply and I quote "Well we don't inspect returned products its not our responsibility." Really? No apology no offering any store credit just a fat *** telling me its not his problem. He said we will refund you your money or give you another one in 2 weeks when they come in.

Sorry but if it simply did not work when I put it together that is fine, but it was a returned used product these *** bags tried to resell at full price. I took my money back and told them I was never coming back. The kicker is I went to Best Buy and bought the newer model for $100 cheaper and guess what, it was actually new.

The reason I am writing this is to let anyone who reads it know anything you buy as a "new" product at Lowes could be a broken used returned product because they don't care enough about their customers to check what shape the *** is being returned in. *** Lowes.

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Your not doing anything wrong, but you could be doing more thngis right.First you need to get at least one more major credit card. Then do the same thing on this one.

This means that you need to make charges every month(not going over 30% of the limit), and then pay it off.On the credit cards you have too see if you can get an increased limit.

If the limits are low (when you do open up new accounts your score will take a hit. But with the good history it will bounce back in a couple of months, and should even be better.


Well I work for Lowe's, and you'd be amazed at what somepeople do. Its impossible for us to catch all the cheapskates and scam artists. So understand it happens in all the stores, don't take it personal.