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Over the years, Lowes has driven out our old home improvement store out of business. Here are some of the things that I've purchased at Lowes and what my experiences have been.

Built a deck. Purchased most of the lumber from a local lumber company. Finished on a Sunday and purchased remaining wood at Lowes. Lowes lumber was the ONLY lumber (pressure treated) to warp on my deck.

And I mean drastic warping. Purchased a rj45/rj11 crimper for work. Used it very little. About the 3rd or 4th time I used it, it would no longer crimp properly.

Purchased a vanity at Lowes. The faucet barely lasted a year until it started leaking. When I tried to find the replacement parts to fix the faucet, finding an associate in the store was like trying to find Jimmy Hoffa. Nobody seemed to know how to order the replacement part even after I supplied the model numbers and receipt.

Ended up purchasing another full faucet (NOT AT LOWES). Purchased two electric baseboard heaters at Lowes. Purchased the thermostats for these at Lowes. Connected them and the one of the thermostats would not shut off.

The baseboard heater heated to a dangerously high temperature! They did replace it, but it was a great inconvenience for me. Purchased a stove and dishwasher from Lowes. The stove's packing film would not come off easily.

They said it was probably "baked" on. They had to bring a new stove. The dishwasher would not clean the dishes properly. They replaced the dishwasher and it did the same thing.

Had them back several times to try to remedy the problem. Finally, I had to call my own plumber in who immediately found that the dishwasher was not connected properly by the "Lowes recommended installer". I brought all these issues up with Lowes corporate office and they offered me a 10% off coupon for my next purchase at Lowes. I informed them not to bother because I will NEVER walk into another Lowes store again.

They are the Walmart of home improvement. Just remember, you get what you pay for!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I purchased a Project Source Single Lever Kitchen Faucet and the hand handle came loose/off months later. Finding information on a defective screw is all but impossible with the vague manual they give you or the Lowes websites.

I need the screw size so I can buy a new screw and wrench. Now rather than leaving a loose but partially usable handle on the faucet for other people in the house to use I must take the handle & screw to locate a part & screw.

It now becomes a rush job.

Besides coming loose months after installation Project Source and Lowes have very poor information on their products.


Lowes and Home Depot both buy disc merchandise, a lot of which is flawed or seconds.