Saint Louis, Missouri
Not resolved

Have had this refrigerator for just about 11 months and 14 days. Began having issues with it not cooling at the end of June.

They sent a tech out here and he replaced the "problem." Within 5 days it stopped cooling again. Repeat of the process on July 1, 2012 an chose a different tech this time because there was a chance he could come by on the 3rd but for sure on the 5th. July 3rd came and went with no word. July 5th arrived and they were suppost to be at the house by noon.

No word by 1100 so I called them. The tech didn't know he was suppost to come look at it. He said he "knew" what the problem was and ordered the control board site unseen. Attempted to call about a week later and his phone wouldnt accept incoming calls.

Called Lowes back and they contacted him. He calls and says the part is back ordered. Tech has called me twice since (first time he thought he was calling a different customer and started talking about a completely different appliance and the second was to get the Model and serial number again). After 2 weeks of no word I call Lowes back and they again call him (by the way he reported to them that he'd installed the control board and it is fixed).

He has now magically rec'd the part and is continuously calling me. Lowes is content that it has done it's due diligence and is ready to wash their hands of it.

They will not back you up and will allow people who cannot seem to organize a bowel movement into your home. They seem surprised that I want to switch technicians and apparently this is the extent of their concern.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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