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I purchased a New Samsung Steam washer and dryer at lowes in Sevierville Tennessee. The Manager admitted that the drying board should have been included in the delivery..However He Made no attempt to correct this error that his store made. The value of the board is around 150.00$

Lowes contracts with a 3rd party for instillation of their products..Either this is an awful product or the instillutaion is *** poor my entire house shakes when the washing machine is going.. The vibrations this thing makes are unbelivable.JC the manager of the store did nothing but suggest that I had bad subflooring !!!

This statement is pure *** !! The 3rd party contractor telephoned me and basicaly said He would come and take a look at it when convient for him.

I have demanded my momey back !!! Time will Tell

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Your washer may need to be leveled, which is really easy (although if you're elderly, you probably shouldn't do it yourself). All you need is a level and someone strong enough to lift the washer while you adjust the feet.

If the problem is something else, ask Lowe's how they will take care of it, and be polite--people are less cooperative when they are being yelled at. Yes, it sounds as though they've messed up, but what you really want is for your new washer to work, so try going for that first, instead of having to go out and shop for another washer.


New washers will vibrate unless they on concrete floor, especially on second floor.


New washers will vibrate unless they on concrete floor, especially on second floor.


I assure you whole house vibration is common with washers and dryers on a second floor. Homes are not properly engineered for the vibration when built to "minimum Code" As a home builder I always place the washer and dryer on a concrete floor.


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