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We bought a FRIGIDAIRE freezer that was delivered July 19, 2011. Followed cooling instructions to prepare to freeze.

Picked up a steer we had processed (600lbs) and put in freezer on July 21, 2011. Everything froze fine, I got hamburger out of it once and a roast on Saturday, July 23, 2011. All was well until today, July 30, 2011. Opened the freezer to get steak out and meat was thawed, blood on everything it was still cold and the bottom portion was still somewhat frozen.

Called Lowes who put me through to the warranty department. They could not send anyone out until next Tuesday. Lowes wouldn't bring us another freezer or let us pick one up today to hopefully save some of the meat. Went to Sears purchased a Kenmore and am taking the bloody, stinking freezer back to Lowes.

Long story short after 11 days the freezer thawed around 300lbs of meat. Won't buy another Frigidaire product and done shopping at Lowes!

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I think Kenmore is made by frigidaire.check it out.


Sochale -

As the rep from Electrolux has taken credit for - the freezer was made by them, not Lowe's. I hope you enjoy the Kenmore freezer, most likely made by Electrolux (Kenmore doesn't make anything). Another bright consumer.


I apologize for the inconvenience and concerns this unit and customer service received from Lowe's has been causing you. I would like to further assist you but in order to do so, will you please email me directly at with your unit's model/serial information, personal name, address, phone number and date of purchase of the unit? When you send the email please make sure to have "HELP CENTER" somewhere in the subject line for tracking purposes. This way I can create a footprint in our system when the account is created. You will have proof of our correspondence and if you ever need to reference it in the future you will have a reference number.

Thank you in advance for supplying me the information needed. Please include any other pertinent information concerning this unit. I look forward to further resolving this matter.

Chris Polk

Online Outreach Representative

Electrolux Major Appliances, North America