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I bought a glass cooktop at Lowes. It was advertised as a display model, with a good discount. So I bought it, when I got it home I noticed that...

A. It had been installed in someone's house (poorly wired plug hanging off the end with exposed wires)

B. The seal on the glass top was not sealed, meaning water or whatever could get into the guts of the thing from the side. I went back to Lowes, raging mad, and was shut up with a free warranty repair and $75 off the price. When the service guy arrived a week later, he told me that it could not be fixed, but had to be sent back to the factory to be repaired with an entire new top.

Back to the store it went.

BY now I am trying hard to be cool, and my oven was used up, so I figured they wouldn't gripe if I bought a new oven too. I practically had to BEG to get one of the young men to go through the catalog with me. ( catalog, because, to my surprise, the cutout sizes are different for almost EVERY brand cooktop!)

I ordered one that cost more than I was comfortable with, but it "fit the hole".

fats forward. After the solid work schedule of the holidays, I got a Handyman to come and install this thing. I opened the box, and found the wires twisted, the stickers peeled half off, and THE FREAKING GLASS IS CHIPPED!. I have been sitting (not literally) on this thing for 2,1/2 months waiting . I was scared because I am clearly outside the 30 day return window, and figured I would have to eat it and pay for the repair, or beg for help.

When I called Frigidaire, I gave them my serial number, and the girl comes back and says.."are you sure that's the right number, we check, yes it is.

She then tells me that THAT unit was declared "scrapped" and was supposed to have been destroyed. NO. I assured her, it was sold to me as a new, special order, from Lowes at FULL PRICE.

Something is fishy at Lowes, folks. That is the second in a row (2 for 2) cooktop that I bought there that was not only a customer return, but a seriously damaged customer return.

I called corporate and told them no remedy was sufficient except a full refund of my money and closing of my Lowes account.

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Me too. Bought a brand new floor model fridge and it turns out somebody had already disassembled and messed up the icemaker.


@redhatgal - Same thing happened to me recently. I ordered 4 kitchen appliances and washer and dryer. When they delivered the appliances supposedly they have to open the items and check it at the site for liability purposes. After supposedly 2 people checked the items... they bring me a used washer, manufactured defect Fridge and a dented stove. On top of that the delivery guys assured me it was new product but removed the covers in the back of the truck like I’m a two year old that doesn’t understand what is going on. The only item that weren’t opened was the dishwasher and the microwave which was opened in front of me and surprise surprise the microwave and dishwasher were NEW.

Prior to the shipment I called and talked the manager at the store and he assured me that he personally picked the items. Yeahhhh picked the returned and defective to be sent to my house. Also don’t bother talking to store assistant manager because they have all the excuse in the book.

I went straight the District Manager/Marketing Manager and she is going to resend the appliance and also mentioned if they can’t delivery new items that I could take my business elsewhere. I demanded the stuff not be opened until it’s in my house and to not to waste my time/energy or their time. I will see what happens....

BEWARE other Lowes costumers when purchasing any appliance demand the item be opened in front of you and don’t bother trusting the third party delivery guys either because everyone is working together. This is not like a 2 dollar item that you should be cool about it ...I paid for new items… how hard is it to deliver that???


"anonymous"..... are you insane??

did you even read my complaint? I took my issue straight to the manager, BOTH times.

Bad luck??!! you must be kidding.

you are just the mindless sock puppet that Lowes needs.

That is just their attitude, "sorry, we dont know how that could have happened" bad luck indeed, Bad merchant is more appropriate :(


ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?? "I work at Lowes"....

when I return the ITEMS, both times to the store, I returned them to the store manager, and showed them the damage.

Perhaps you failed to even read my complaint. Do they pay you to spout such nonsense?? "Bad Luck"! I pride myself on being aware, I do product research, and choose every appliance, TV, vehicle based on reviews , recalls, service issues, and price.

The fact that, after doing the footwork I was sold ***, BROKEN *** by Lowes, infuriates me to no end!and like a sock puppet you defend them? I bet you fit right in to that bunch of mindless drones :(


You sound like you have bad luck. I work at Lowe's, specifically the return desk, and many of the customer's who return things say they are not broken or used.

Many times the cashiers are unable to tell whether or not the product is broken. This happens at many retailers sorry to inform you.


back from customers without receipts and put it back on shelves

I reather pay a little bit more at other hardware stores but get quality