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We placed an order at the Lowe web-site online for a new refridgerator and stove Nov. 22, 2011.

Our zip code indicated the Bedford Heights, OH store would process the delivery. After waiting a month, and 2 "rescheduled" delivery appointments, they brought us a "new" stove and a used refridgerator. They didn't tell us the fridge was used, instead they left us a "voice mail" they it had a damaged right side and they would give us 10% off. Turns out the left and right side had 12" dents and the Stainless Steel had a big "ding" on it. That night it quit working and we lost all our food, frozen and fridge.

After calling, going into the store, contacting the number they gave us, and callling again....they finally agreed to bring us a "loaner" fridge until the new one could be delivered. They gave us $300 cash for our lost food. They didn't make any effort to go above and beyond to make it better for us. Maybe an apology and a $25.00 for goodwill would have been appropriate. We realized the original fridge they brought us was used after we received the new one, completed wrapped up in plastic....the front, the drawers, and shelving was all wrapped solid in perfect condition. That is when we thought, WOW - that first fridge was "used" and not new at all.

I hope someone reads this from Lowes, and tries to make it better. After all, we like Lowes because it is cleaner than Home Depot, but now we are so disappointed. At this point, I don't think we will purchase our granite from Lowes....The end.

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This is why you should buy from the store...not the internet.

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