Dallas, Texas
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I came to purchase parts for my sprinkler system. Asked an associate about help he pointed out to the isle where i suppose to find the item.

He called for somebody for that seccion ( isle 30) on the speaker, nobody ever came. I asked another associate for help, he said he knew nothing about sprinkler systems that he would find somebody.

Nothing after a while waiting, i found the guy that went to find help teo isles where i was waiting having a good time laughing with another associate. I am done with this place.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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How hard would you work for 8 dollars an hour? My guess you wouldn't even bother.

Here's the best part, would you really want assistant from some college freshman who knows nothing about the product and would just BS until you either get angry or end up buying the incorrect things? Or how about that retired grandma who again is just looking for some fun money?

You are wasting your time going to any big box store thinking your going to get expert advice. The experts are out doing their craft for triple the rate.


Please remover the foot from your mouth.

I have worked with Lowe's for several years and I pride myself at being

very educated about in the areas I work.

I'm 25, and have worked for other company's as a "professional blue collar" individual, where I went to customers homes, and the truth is I make more $$$ here.

Lowe's is a great company and they pay the employee's very very well.

So I'm sorry you feel that the personnel at your local Lowe's are not professional's in the area they are assigned, but please don't make wide net assumptions about everyone. ohh, and 98% of all associates start at over 12$ an hour. If you look down on someone in a retail store, you wont get very good service.

We can tell when people think we are just "hourly retail" workers. But I am 25, making well over 50K with great benefits, a fantastic 401K, and stability. I know that I have a paycheck coming.

Most "professionals" who work for themselves can not say the same. So look in a mirror before you turn your nose up at the next college kid working for "scraps"