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Very bad customer service today s1501cc1 1620145 I'm 71 years old my daughter is 48

As we were loading 10 15.7 pavers & 5 15.7 X 7.7 two 2 of your staff did not come and offer us help. NOT UNTIL we were almost done loading our cart. Cart was very heaving to push to cashier which again they did not offer help. I told them I also need some cinder blocks. All they said is. Tell the cashier and they will ring it too and I can walk to the other side of the store to pick them up all I have to do is show them my receipt this was my 2nd trip to lowes in the past 2 days. At one time I thought lowes had much better customer service than Home Depot. Well it looks like its back to HD

Dorothy Santillan

A very disappointed customer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Lowes Cons: Help from employees.

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You probably shouldnt of posted your full name...

We found you on FB. Black coat, and black sunglasses.

Only question I have for you, is at what point did you ask for help!?

I'm sorry, I forgot, we as your retail slaves are suppose to read your mind, and just know that you will need help.

Should they of offered... Yes.

Should you of asked...

Yes. I forgot your sin isnt as bas as ours


What are you going to do when you get home? If it is so hard to get them in a cart and to your vehicle how are you going to get them out of your vehicle and to your work area?