Houston, Texas
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The associates in the garden center at store on jefferson hey 1877 are horrible especially a lady named Karen she says she is a waterer and doesn't help customers she sent me to another rude woman Jennifer that said I am no expert read the tag. These people are idiots.

The stores aged is also not very nice. Definately not worried about the customers at that store. The garden center has nothing but rejects supposed to be working??

Lol i believe these people are totally lazy... Just there for a paycheck.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are one of those clueless customers that think that every employee in a store knows everything about every product. WAKE UP!

They don't.

They are trained to work in specific areas with specific tasks. The first employee you encountered was hired to keep the plants watered and properly displayed, this doesn't mean she's an expert on plants. She was working and doing her job. Why do you call her lazy?

You don't say what you asked Jennifer. Reading the tags on the plants may be the best way to get information in a big box store. Don't expect an employee making minimum wage working in a big box store to have a degree in horticulture.

If you want expert advice you should be shopping at a nursery rather than a big box store. Unfortunately you won't want to pay the higher price that comes with hiring a more specialized staff.