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Lowes Foods Viewmont, NC #245

I have been a loyal customer of Lowes Foods since their Grand Opening at this store.

After the past several months I have decided to take my business elsewhere due to poor customer service at the service center. I've noticed many young kids put into customer service management postions within the last year. A young guy with serveral other young ones left in charge during very busy times in the mornings an days spend their time gathered behind the service desk, rather than helping cashiers who are not only running the registers but bagging themselves with no help while they stand gathered talking among themselves rather than helping. So much to te point that store managers themselves have to stop what they're doing an either get in a register or start bagging until these young folks realize it's time to come help.

Not only that, when at the customer service desk hoping to get help with quesrions in a product needed, these kids in charge are extremely rude or act overly nice trying to be smart! This is unacceptable an so much unlike Lowes high standards.

I have mentioned this to management many, many times yet nothing has even done. I have also discussed with friends I know that use to shop there an no longer do for the same reasons. I think it's sad such a fine store has lost customers for not taking actions an holding those accountable for the customer service provided by such young folks in a position far too serious for what they can handle.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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