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What can one say about my local Lowes store. When it opened a few years back I was excited that I no longer have to shop at Home Depot. I now have a choice. The last three visit included employees ignoring customers, employees uninterested in their job, employees using inappropriate language amongst themselves when in ear shot of the public. Cashier lack of friendliness or enthusiasm in performing their duties. Also lack of response from store management. Kudos to management if their goal is to emulate Home Depot or Walmart (no service at the highest profit). If management is serious about customer feedback then look at Costco, OSH and yes Taco Bell. I have noticed Taco Bell employees to be friendly and knowledgeable. For pete sake they are a fast food joint. How very sad how lowe's has fallen short of just basic customer service.

To employees- if you don't enjoy working their than quit. Stop abusing the customer with poor service.

I've been an advocate of supporting my local business. But with these recent experience at this location I am now forced to take my business to Amazon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Lowe's isn't a "local" business. Try looking up what that means.


They obviously meant local store as in the location nearest their house. Reading comprehension is important, so look it up.