Springdale, Arkansas
Product or Service Quality

Shopped at lowes for over 18 yrs. Have spent thousands of dollar just in the last yr for re modeling house.

Tonight I was stopped by cashier before I went out door with my receipt in my hand and my bag and was asked if I had paid for merchandise. Very unprofessional and should be illegal to treat paying customers this way. This happened at Fayetteville ar zion st location. Home Depot will be getting all my business now which will be alot.

Good job lowes. Hope you enjoy running customer off.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Obviously they made an error and they had to make sure the merchandise was paid for...but they could have worded it in a different, less suspicious way. I would have been uspet as well...but I also would not take my business elsewhere over one little incident. Grow up.


What is stopping someone from bringing a receipt in from another store or from earlier that day, and claiming that they bought the merchandise that they were carrying out? Nothing.

It is not unprofessional, it is simply a tactic to reduce shrink. If your feelings get hurt that easy, I would not even pull into the Home Depot parking lot.