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I purchased a defective Stanley Fatmax from lowes. When I went back in I was told that I had to have a receipt in order for them to do any exchange.

I was then told that if I had bought a Kobalt brand I could have just brought it back in and exchanged it since it has a lifetime warranty. I asked if they could look up the purchase with my credit card. They responded with yes but only if I knew the exact date I came in to purchased it. Even though this was just a $30 tape measure it goes to show the utter lack of customer service that this company shows to its patrons.

I will never purchase another item from this company. I will purchask all my needs from online retailers like amazon who provide better support to customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stanley Tools Tape Measure.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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What was the "defect"? Stanley has tightens their return policy as far too many people were retiring tapes they "damaged".

Tearing the end off a tape is not a defect, it is abuse. The stores and manufacturers shouldn't be responsible for consumer abuse.


The company should sell something with a lifetime warranty if they can't warranty it for a lifetime. That's why people pay so much money for them, so that they buy it once and if it ever breaks they can take it back and get another one.

If they aren't going to honor thier past warrantys why in the world would anyone buy a Stanley brand tape measure? They might as well go to family Dollar store and get another brand. The only difference is that the guy who went to the dollar store knew that his one dollar tool was a throw away after breaking it. They guy who bought the Stanley thought he was prepaying for replacements up front.

Someone should sue Stanley over false advertising. I'll never even bother to look at a Stanley brand anything ever again. Why would they ever honor any of thier warranties on any of thier products, all they have to do apparently is sit and figure up every way thier tool can possibly break in the future and put out a paper showing information about how when they said warranty they meant you were paying up front for nothing. They should still have to honor thier tape measures that they sold before the "tightening of the belts *** paper" because that's how they advertised them.

That's the only reason anyone who bought one bought it for. Stan was the man, but not anymore.

I'm sorry but I think this is a new low for any company. Is this how Lowe's got its name


You don't need a receipt with Amazon?