Victoria, Texas
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Update by user Apr 08, 2012

Lowes and Home Depot have now stopped advertising on the Rush Limbaugh program. Thanks to Lowes and Home Depot for help stopping Hate Radio.

Original review posted by user Mar 08, 2012

I will not do anymore business with Lowes in Victoria, Texas until Lowes stops advertising on The Rush Limbaugh Show. Thank You.

We have a Home Depot, McCoys and several independent stores in the area. Rush has spewed hate and vitriol on his show for twenty years and the Fluke incident was just too much. Limbaugh is not in the business of understanding things in their entirety. He practices the "skim and scream" method of political and cultural analysis.

He spews hatred, vitriol, and divisiveness thru the airwaves that will allow him to do so. The latest situation with Sandra Fluke is only the tip of a twenty year iceberg. This man is a cancer to a country trying to heal and become one. His incorrigible nature only assures the continuation of the same for years to come.

Limbaugh has to be stopped, I see no other solution. I realize Freedom of Speech trumps all, but it should never be the goal to allow a station to be used for personal attacks and intolerance.

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You are complaining about personal attacks, vitriol, and hate. While personal attacking with vitriolic hate. Where did you receive the power to judge others?


Freedom of Speech is important - don't censor opinions. Only Censor fabricated lies and slander.


Lowes is more american than Home Depo so that's why I support it. Just look at all the illegals standing in front of Home Depo everyday!


Lowes and Home Depot have both pulled ads. God Bless Them Both.


Heh liberals ,Pull your two fingers out of your a## as you *** in a dark room


You must boycott HBO and Bill Maher also. He called Sarah Palin the c word and a dumb 'tw_t'.

I don't care if Sarah is a public figure and Bill is a "comedian". It's still disgusting and an elementary comment. Of course you won't though, because you live by a double standard. By the way, I think Rush was way out of line, and personally, I think he says these things is to get attention.

Do you notice that now it's so much more difficult to discuss this issue without talking about those comments? Hmmmmmmm


I complained about Maher, a lot of us did. He has his own HBO show though and does not have sponsors one can call.

We can talk about hate TV if you want but hate Radio is what I am addressing right now. Maher just took up for Rush on national media. They are both shock jocks.

I cannot get HBO but I hear about Maher and his comments on the news and some are revolting, I agree. God Bless America.


I am a conservative. Rush Limbaugh stupidly called a women a "***" on his show recently.

His remark has been vilified (justifiably) by nearly every commentator on television.

What really bothers me here is the blatant double-standard put on by the "Lame-stream" media.

Last year liberal comedian Bill Maher called Sarah Palin the 'c' word (rhymes with "bunt") on his show, in addition to mocking her Down Syndrome son. Yet not one person in the mainstream media has ever even mentioned it!


MP wake up and listen to yourself!! what if that was your DAUGHTER??SAME RESPONSE I think not ..THIS is THE FREE MARKET AT WORK..sound familiar??Isn't that what druggie bellows about?? free markets??Flush ,flush, flush the druggie


The article above is actually correct in its assessment of Rush. I could not have said it better than the above article does.

His approval rating is at 19 percent and falling. It is time to "Stop The Hate" and stop Rush, Hannity,and the others. This program is mostly listened to by men in their 50's and above who are filled with nothing but hate.

Shut all of them down. God Bless America, God Bless our Soldiers.


I will stop shopping at Home Depot and support Lowe's because Lowe's obviously believes in the first amendment of our Constitution. How would you feel if advertisers stopped spots on your favorite liberal TV and radio shows?

It is a slippery and dangerous slope you libs are taking. First they came for Rush, next they will come for you. If you don't like Rush, don't listen! From your naive and vacuous postings, you have no understanding about what is really happening to our country.

Media Matters and George Soros is playing you. Are you unaware that Anita Dunn and Pelosi specifically brought this 31 year old, activist woman in merely to destroy the right?

God help us all if the population does not become informed.


Who cares!


Premiere Networks, which distributes Limbaugh as well as a host of other right-wing talkers, sent an email out to its affiliates early Friday listing 98 large corporations that have requested their ads appear only on “programs free of content that you know are deemed to be offensive or controversial (for example, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Leykis, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity).”


Oh wow they set it up and delivered it for free??!!! Yeah so does everyone else including lowes


Rush attacked her as our daughter. Then he called her a "***" and a "***" and asked for videos of her sexual encounters (he assumed that there were encounters) to be posted on the web for HIS viewing.

He called OUR daughters names and he said that he wanted to watch OUR daughters having sex.

This is why I am angry! This is why I will NOT forget and this is why i WILL NOT stop until he is off the air!


I just bought a washing machine at Home Depot and NOT Lowe's. Did you know that Home Depot will deliver your new washer for free and take away your old one for free? It was great service and they set up the new washer for me too!


It`s bad enough that Lowes has the poor taste to support Rush limbaugh and his hate agenda but they have lied about it numerous time.

I`m sorry, but I can not do business with a company that deceives and lies to it`s customers.


Have used Lowes for everything,home and business for years. I am going to Home Depot now even though I hate to.

The article is accurate though.

Rush is hurting anyone who associates themselves with him. God Bless All.


I have listened to Rush off and on for 20 years. His show is not the same show it used to be.

Limbaugh is, like the article states, spewing just hate now and has taken the show to an all time low. I will boycott Rush.


Anyone who supports Limbaugh deserves to shop at Lowes. Lowes treats their employees the same way Limbaugh treats women. Birds of a feather flock together.