Saint Petersburg, Florida

Ordered from Lowes. I did Overnight Shipping....its been 6 days...

and im still waiting. Called customer service and my order hasnt even been shipped yet!!! I told them i want the money for overnight shipping back - they said thats fine and they will call me in 2 business days to go over my order....whats to go over??? i ordered 2 rugs...and ive been waiting and now i have to wait 2 more days for Lowes to get their stuff togehter....its ridiculous.

this was my first and last time ordering from never again will i order frm them and i would NEVER tell anyone to order from them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $87.

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Vieew "Lowes forklift tradgedy on you tube" then tell this family not to blame lowes. Feel so sorry for this family. Lowes does stink!


When you special order something it is not lowes who makes it and ships it if they don't have it in stock its the vendors fault if they don't ship it or it takes too long do not blame lowes(the middle man) for the vendors or distribution center mistakes or delays. Lowes does however hold the responsibility of calling the vendor getting an estimated date of shipping/arrival and call you to let u know if there will be a delay.

Then you can decide if u want to change ur mind and cancel the order. Simple

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