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12 comments email address everyone should send email to him to to show him that we are not going to take this shi_ anymore . As a CEO he needs to step down or take a big pay cut himself. Paying no more commission is the down fall of Lowe's we the people is what makes Lowe's not the *** poor management there at Lowes.Who will give you all great service anymore and why should they care no extra money in there paycheck.Lowes is putting a hurt on the lives and they just don't care.

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My NAME says it all! Stocks plummeting !

All competitor's are doing well.

TERRIBLE MANAGEMENT!! HR just follows along!


Hey scooter,

It is going to be much more fun to see how many customers the new "WE" team can send packing. I find it amusing that the "WE" culture means I still get paged to the cabinet desk.

Step up associates! If I am busy you are going to hear "WE" from me and you best step up or your *** will be in the hr office for training paper work.

"WE" come on scooter lets get the team spirit woke up get your butt to the cabinet desk and sit for 3 hours with some jack wad who brings their measurements in on a krispy creme wrapper. Then tell me to quit whinning!


After reading or trying to read the hate mail posted here by Lowe's "Employees" I have to wonder how much self-respect these complainers have.

You post comments that are so poorly written that I wonder how many are going to sympathize with you after witnessing your lack of communication skills - regardless of the informal nature of a blog/dicussion thread.

Yeah I hate the loss of income and in another time and place I would certainly be looking hard for another job. But if you whiners, liars and complainers want to leave, please go now and good luck finding another job now with attitudes and the communication skills you have displayed on this site.


In response to "I'm Working" maybe you should get your facts straight, the vendors did not pull the spiffs and commissions and Lowes was only giving 1/3 of that to their employees anyway. Lowes is just being greedy and eventually it will come back to *** them in the ***.

Lowes also fully expects to lose 30% of its workforce as a reasult of these changes. I feel sorry for the 70% that will remain there underpaid and underappreciated.


The question for the people who still work for the company is whats next?


I was asked by a customer if I earned commission - i explained to him that I did not anymore. He took this up with management and wanted to let them know that he felt it was a bad policy change.

The big bad store manager had a "Closed Door" meeting with me and "YELLED" at me for telling the customer about our cuts in commission. He intimidated me and upset me very much - and insulted me too. I am going to look into a law suit for sexual harassment and intimidation. What kind of company employ's store managers that do not want to tell the truch to customers?

I know the reason why - they are afraid that most people who work in sales or in a bonus or comission structure will not want to purchase from a company that will not pay their employees properly by giving them sales incentives. I QUIT!

There will not be another $20,000.00 sale from me this week or any week in the future for Lowes to reap all the profit or that *** manager to reap in his annual bonus. What a joke Lowes is!


Lowes is the slimiest company i have ever worked for. our HR Lowebot is on lunch blowing out store manager.

I always knew that corporate greed has run amuck and the little man is gettn screwed. thank god our LP Manager is an ***. Im looting my store daily to make up the 30% im losing. *** this place.

write off your losses to you insurance cause i dont care. Ill make my own economy. thanks for the tools and the dyson. consider it *** tax.

oh and the dolly i used to take it out too works nice.

Thefts from employees and their crews will take the stock down and make lowes go bye-bye. fight the evil: Fill your Pockets like these slimebags do.


I work for Lowes and the fact that they took spiffs away is very disheartening. Some of my coworkers depended on the extra money on their paycheck, because Lowes really doesn't pay that well.

In the week since they cut commission, customers have expressed surprise and a general consensus that it was not fair to take spiffs away. All I hear when I say lowes is restructuring is, " that's never a good thing..." and it's not.


You need to get the facts, vendors pulled their money, and mommy have your son grow up and man up and not let mommy talk for him. 12 years ago there were hardly ant spiffs or commission.

Times are changing. Sear only pays by commission no base pay, at least your getting a base pay and the portion that Lowe's was paying for spiffs.


I can't believe that Lowe's had to do this now (or at all). The vendors pay us the commission, not Lowe's. They are killing the people that have worked so hard to get them where they are today!

And why now? I bet Lowe's thought that the job market was so bad at this time, that no one would quite. They have us by the balls!!!

Lowe's told us that the up and down paychecks we got would be leveled out by taking our overall commissions from 2011, then cutting it in half and then dividing them by 52 weeks. This they call our allowance.

So, here is an example: A Lowe's associate made $20,000 in commission in 2011. Lowe's will now cut that in half to $10,000 and divide it by 52 weeks. That new allowance is now $192.30 a week, instead of the $384.60 that this fictitious Lowe's employee used to make. The BIG picture here is that this person just lost $10,000 in collage funds, savings and the many other things you could do with an extra $200 per week.

Before someone reading this takes pity or no pity on all of this, I did over a million dollars in sales for Lowe's in 2011. Will I have to do that in 2012? Lowe's wants me to walk around and sell everything now - and, I will. Will they see a million plus dollars out of me this year? I would not expect it. I will be on the isles helping all the customers that I usually do any way. NOTHING will change with me. But, If I see another door open, I will have to use it.

Oh, here some good news. The top 5 Lowe's big wigs just got a $27,000,000 bonus....EACH.

That's - one hundred and thirty fifty million dollars for those of you that got lost on all the zeros!!!.

Is this why they had to cut my pay? There is no incentive to work harder than I need to now. There is no way to make extra money at Lowe's. Was this just because some big wig deserves a 2.25 million dollars a month as a bonus?

Corporate greed will kill this company, I'm convinced. Another Circuit City, another Sears. Lowe's is setting up their road map for disaster.

Commission sales persons are not just order takers. Most of us know what we are doing. I have 19 years in this industry. Most of the people I know that work in local stores share the same experience I do. Longevity and knowledge has now proven to me, no good. This has been a carrier that was squashed by corporate greed!

Now what do I do after 19 years?


Ok, so I just found out my son has lost his commision. That means he will be loosing between 18,000 and 23,000 a year.

WTF! He has been with the compnay since he graduated high school. I say employee's unite and walk out! Notify all your customers, you know the ones who you gave your personal (non reinbursed) cell phone number to so they can call you with questions and concerns.

Tell everyone you know to stop shopping at Lowes I am getting ready to redo my entire kitchen I will not be buying from Lowes.

My brother is looking to redo his yard you know with plants/gazabo and a water fountain he just said he will go to home depot instead. Get the picketers out most people aren't aware of your loss.