Hicksville, New York
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This is the worst big box store I've been to. It's only 2 miles away from home yet I'd rather drive 4 miles over to HomeDepot, or a Lowes 5 miles away (if I must) and have shunned this particular store #2612 like a plague.

Each time has been unpleasant with an employee speaking down to me like I'm a tresspasser! Even the supposed greeter by the door looks right through you! Only today I was perusing the doors on the furthest back wall looking for a storm door, and the shelving and yes more doors continued around a corner. A shrill of a voice from a lady, "May i help you?!!!

You're not supposed to be back here!!" "But there's no sign saying I can't be here! (to which she grunted) I'm looking for a storm door, and there seem to be some here." There were no barricades, and certainly no signs! She didn't even know where the main storm doors section was, "Ask the guy by the desk!" I found them myself. I figured I'd let my wallet do the talking from here on for good and drove to the nearest HomeDepot and loaded 2 storm doors.

Bitter folks in that store for some reason. After previous unpleasantries I frequent HomeDepot instead...today was the last straw.

- shopper who's self-renovating a home who cares not to spend his hard earned money at Lowes anymore, not a dime!

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