Columbia, South Carolina
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I am writing this note to tell Lowes customer service that as of this day i have spent the last dollar that I will ever spend at Lowes today! Over the last three and a half years I have spent THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS at your store off of 1051 Crossing rd in Columbia, sc,but alas there will not be another dime of my money spent at your store EVER!

I have bought everthing from appliances to flowers there and have been a very good customer--today i was treated in such a horrible manner, that i cannot bring myself to go back there. I brought my complaint about Store manager Pam to the store manager Paul--and the only thing he said was "gee thats to bad"and walked away from me.

I stood there dumbfounded as to his reaction to my complaint--if this is the way you want to provide customer service-- you can keep it--I WILL TAKE MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!!! THANK YOU

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Hey Mr. Shock we know it is you Paul seacrist Store manager the most crooked person in the area and to top it off.

I heard you got rid of the HRM to replace her with a crooked HRM Lamar Young is a brown nose loser as well. lowes said never stop improving come to find out thats one sorry joke with people like you running the stores.



really if you spent so much money at lowes why did you let one bad experience bother you. it seems as though your problem isnt with lowes, but the managment at this store. i think it is rude of you to put these people's name on the net like this. both of yall are silly.

good bye


Paul Seacrist is no longer working for Lowes Company. He has since been fired for RedBanks Store.

vPamela jaimeson was a sarcastic lazy, jealous *** who kept up so much confusion on the front line between the cashiers. I remember working there Store Manager Paul Seacrist would go in the men's bathroom and put *** on the walls and floors so that MaryEllen Husband could clean it.


to the employee what about the Human resources have you gone to them?


Well I did complain made a rude and unfriendly report I was told from another team member if I complain it goes to a final and another complaint the person would be fired. I hope they take this matter seriously or more people would complain. As a employee dont you have a ethics point number you can call?


I worked there, and let me tell you about Pam. If you aren't black and if you're a customer and you have the unfortunate opportunity to meet this miserable, lazy so-called manager, you know what I'm about to tell you.

Paul isn't really a mirror image of a spectacular manager either but, he's faced with the "race card". There have been many complaints made against Pam and other black managers by both employees and customers both black, white, Asian etc, to no avail.

You were fortunate though, you were a customer and could just leave and still have a job. I'm sure Lowes corporate in Mooresville NC would LOVE to hear from you and others about the lack of care and free reign these joke managers are given.


nice arent we full of sarcasm