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I am a current employee of lowes. I have extensive major appliance sales experience with various companies in commission based positions as like my current position.

But what I have found out recently really disturbed me and may even be illegal. Competitors like SEARS pay their associates commission no matter what the selling price is, a flat 2-3% commission. The reason for that is because the manufacturer pays that commision back to SEARS or is negotiated with SEARS at point of mass inventory purchase. Either way that incentive is paid by the manufacturer.

Lowes pays their Appliance associates an hourly rate plus these vendor paid "SPIFFS" of dollar amounts, amount set by the vendor, instead of 2-3%. Would you believe that LOWES has put a restriction on discounting where we lose our commission if we sell at more than 10% off. Yet they still submit these uneligible sales to the manufacturer to get paid the "SPIFF"! Where do these spiffs go of up to $80 an Appliance.

Not to the employee who spent his hard working time with a customer who was going to buy from SEARS. But even though I saved the sale for LOWES I get scammed out of my commission because I had to go below a 10% discount to price match the competitors deal. What a freakin joke.

Some CEO's bonus getting paid on my hard work!


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I can b greedy too, u can cut my pay some more, I dont care, I make up the difference in merchandise. Thanks Nibby


The place is a *** hole to work for anyway . they only promote suck *** .They give you a small raise once a year and you have to deal with *** hole customers that want everything for nothing.Managers are lazy


I am a designer and just to set the record straight I personally wanted nothing to do with the appliance end unless I was selling my kitchen customer. Too many problems you fellows have to deal with.

Delivery banging things up, Appliances missing, dented, scratched, I would cover for my appliance department if they needed it or they would call if swamped but I did not just pop in for a sale. Appliance sales = pain in rear!

But now it does not matter as it is a WE deal. So I guess you should get certified in cabinets so you can help too.


its a shame many of the appliance specialist do a good job i think what riles many of them up are when a kitchen design person would never help with freight but would pop up when a cust wanted to buy a washer dryer combo while you were selling a coffee maker making no spiff far too many times these guys would brag about the 500.00 they made this past week while you were at lunch or throwing freight zone managers sais you were to be called to make the sale if you were in the store i could not design a kitchen so why should they be able to sell appliances and take spiff money


yeah i'm a design specialist...nobody likes hearing that they will be maiking less money than the previous year! Lowes knows how to keep it short and sweet though don't they!!

I like how they say the vendors will lower their prices, even though the vendors have no clue what is happening!!! lies!!


The management at my store was very sarcastic and making fun of the fact that our pay was cut, but now that they realize that "they" will be the ones filling in and training all the new people when all the specialists quit they have changed their tune, its really kinda funny, they have begun to treat us with some respect, to late though, Im outa here along with many others.


I use to hate the words "just looking". Now I keep my fingers crossed that that's what I hear.

I use to have to overcome just looking. Well let me help you look. What we looking for. Now I just say OK ill be around if you need anything and I gets lost.

My job is kinda easy now. Haha screw Lowes!


What happened with prices going down? I saw prices go up $200-$500 on fridges.

I also was told that Lowe's is still collecting spiffs from vendors. I don't trust them, next SSEI will become a market thing. Good luck. All store managers got a Ipad, just wasting more money.

We all are being replaced by technology. Lowe's bought AGT stores to help them online business, have you looked at the prices? They said the wanted to be number 1 in appliances, and the cannot stop Sears. Sears advertises like a real appliance store.

Local customers don't even get ads. Lowe's has such bad commericals that you have to wonder what they are trying to sell. Cut the pay of your top performers,and expect them to sell the same, it won't happen. When the vendors see the numbers drop, they will step in.

They might just raise the cost of appliances for Lowe's. Memorial, fourth of July and Black Friday who cares.

I won't be working those days, and if I have to, I won't put my neck on the line because we don't have product. Good luck Lowe's, it is going to be a rough year!!


How about my 11 years, did not look at any other opportunity, because I was too busy thinking of keeping my cabinet/appliances sale up 24/7. Got very little raise, I am very upset at myself for trusting lowes, till few days ago, I felt like I was working for great company, I should applied applied for positions, I could have been store manager or district manager by now,oh, I forgot' I was too busy taking care of customers.


I heard specilists and ASMs are going away very soon also? Have anyone else heard this?


We (sales specialists) were all hired on the notion that the harder we worked and the best we took care of our customers, the better pay we would receive with SPIFFS and commissions. My first store manager in this state was always all over the WIFMs (what's in it for me) knowing that it would help drive sales and give us a feeling of self pride and accomplishment.

This is indeed a sad day for this corporation. Please check out and SIGN to show these Bigwig pigs that turning their backs on those of us who drive each store will lead to failure!






:eek :upset :sigh :cry :( :x


Yes, the whole 3-day notice thing sucks. We all just got screwed blue people.

This is an example of a troubled corporation converting from capitalism to socialism. Blame it on a *** economy, to a industtry that thrives on a good housing market. But the warning signs have been there. Can any of you honestly say that you did not see this comming?

Just look at all the stores that have been closed down. Remember the class-action suit against the Flucuating work week/Chinese overtime? Speaking of China....How about the lawsuit over selling drywall with toxic vapors? Watch, the next thing that will happen is the stockholders wii demand a buyout.

Then Lowes execs will sell-out to a Private Equity Firm. Private investment groups are the "bottom feeders" of the business world that just "strip & flip" for profit. The same thing happened to the ServiceMaster Companies 4 years ago and now their in serious trouble!

The SS Lowes is sinking folks. ABANDON SHIP!

Just check out


Lowes is going in the wrong direction by cutting the sales specialist's pay. It will level the playing field to the level of the laziest, most unhelpful rude employee. They do not help make ssei bonus specialists do.


If certain brands are not sold, these companies will take notice. I foresee Stainmaster carpets, which are mostly SOS items taking a hit from lost sales. I have no qualms with these companies but they have leverage to invoke change in Lowe's policies.


Some people are mentioning not selling specific brands like Pella,Samsung,and stainmaster. What is the reason for being upset with specific companies.

Just wondering if I have missed something. What do these companies have to do with Lowes cancelling spiffs and commissions?


My new favorite saying .... "sure those instock cabinets are just fine."


To Tallaron:

Note that was never put into writing about the 50%. You know darn well it will only be a matter of time until they take that away too.


This news has come to a shock to us all. When we would get hired for certain positions we knew what the potential could be for our compensations and that's why we took it.

My wage is particularly lower and I had asked for just a 20 cent increase to make my earnings closer to the people who have been there. Mind you I've been there for over 5 years and it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth when there are people who are lower in status making more then I do and who've only been there for 2. When starting the job that I took they said that they wouldn't raise the rate because I would be making it up in commission. Now what?

There are reasons why they had commission in certain departments and that was because you had to give exceptional customer service and put with a lot of ignorant ***. Don't get me wrong, I've always had the morality to go all the way and give the best service I could give and with the commission it gave me extra incentive. So by darn I did! Now with the cut both my husband and I who worked in commission giving positions will be loosing more then almost double what I will be making in a year.

It's bad enough when you have one income effected but both really hurts. I'm very greatful that I have a job. They could have at least given us a few months notice. Basically what they are trying to do is *** out the people who are making a decent pay to rehire people to replace them and not pay them as much.

We were told "The only way you are going to move is if you move up (promotion) or move out and I (store manager) will personally walk you to the door and show you out.

You'll be saving me money because I'll rehire someone at a lower pay rate". What a way to kick you in your face even more.


To point of view:

I agree the bickering can be or used to be rough especially in appliances and back stabbing was bad too. It was a drive though to be competetive.

This = lots of sales. Now who cares? Would you consider spending 12 weeks dealing with a kitchen or would you prefer to just sling some stock stuff and spend an hour? I respect you view I really do but do you have any idea what it is going to do to the sos sales long term?

Lowes has been good to me in the past so I will still do what I do but alot of staff is already dragging in their heels and it will cost lowes big.

I have heard of people throwing sales already. Sad Deal