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I am a current employee of lowes. I have extensive major appliance sales experience with various companies in commission based positions as like my current position.

But what I have found out recently really disturbed me and may even be illegal. Competitors like SEARS pay their associates commission no matter what the selling price is, a flat 2-3% commission. The reason for that is because the manufacturer pays that commision back to SEARS or is negotiated with SEARS at point of mass inventory purchase. Either way that incentive is paid by the manufacturer.

Lowes pays their Appliance associates an hourly rate plus these vendor paid "SPIFFS" of dollar amounts, amount set by the vendor, instead of 2-3%. Would you believe that LOWES has put a restriction on discounting where we lose our commission if we sell at more than 10% off. Yet they still submit these uneligible sales to the manufacturer to get paid the "SPIFF"! Where do these spiffs go of up to $80 an Appliance.

Not to the employee who spent his hard working time with a customer who was going to buy from SEARS. But even though I saved the sale for LOWES I get scammed out of my commission because I had to go below a 10% discount to price match the competitors deal. What a freakin joke.

Some CEO's bonus getting paid on my hard work!


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Just a thought about how overpaid and lazy I am. Reading all the posts has given me a laugh.

People say make the playing field even. No more me lets have we. I cant agree more. So hourly associates get certified!

Learn to run the 20-20 system. Handle 25k of someones money and dreams. Im taking my lazy over paid *** over to plumbing to sell some off the shelf items that require no back ground and no follow up. Dont page me to the cabinet desk anymore as "WE" all can do it..

I can sell anywhere in a lowes store. I was Hired as a Fashion specialist 12 years ago and had to certifie throughout. You want equal? You best learn it all.

Call me lazy? You spend a day in the shoes of any specialist then tell me about equal. Now remember the next time a call box in cabinets goes off or one in appliances Get over there and use your "we" training and figure that big kitchen, Sell it and all the trimmings and then spend the next 8-12 weeks following up with everything. Oh but wait you cant run 20-20??

Dont know what a pirana food editor unit is in a ge dishwasher? Not certain what stainmaster carpet is made of? How about the core of a thermotru door? Or the gas in a pella window?

Or how many golf balls an ingenium toilet will swallow.

Stick your equal pay and playing field in your ear! You will relize your screwed when the specialists and pros tell ya to figure it out...


"20. Written by We can just promote you to a c on February 9, 2012

If you all have a problem with the way our company is trying to move forward and NOT fall into the same black holes that retailers such as Circuit City fell in then just man-up and write a resignation letter "

Circuit City took commissions away from employees right before they went belly-up.


" Lowe's is striving to become the lowest priced choice, thus driving sales up, thus making SSEI more attainable for some stores, thus everyone wins!"

What about those of us who were already earning SSEI? I don't think sales will increase just because of low prices.

Lowe's is underestimating the value of good sales people. Where will be the incentive now to sell up, or work hard on a difficult installed sale?


Just come to the orange side.....LMAO


Today I have seen the Lowe's of the Future. It is a company that rewards it's CEO with millions on the broken backs of it's faithful employees.

Lowe's stole my money. Money that I worked hard for and earned! As of today, I refuse to promote Stainmaster Carpet, Samsung Appliances, Pella windows and doors, John Deere mowers.

Tell your fellow Specialist. Please add to the list.


We were told we get the 50% for as long as we are with Lowe's at an hourly pay. Watch, next year or sooner they'll make us salary.


I'm just thankful to have a job. My city is ranked #3 for highest.unemployment rate last I checked.


I currently work in Millwork and was consistently top salesman in the region and therefore am losing +/- 10k a year. The loss of commission is not going to bring departments closer together because Lowes still has to track your sales.

This is so they can fire non performing associates, so the arguments about who a sale belongs to will not diminish at all. Big mistake on Lowes part, and *** *** too.


I LOL'ed at the trailer comment. Too Funny!!!

As a matter of fact I do not have a child with Autism but I am very involved with Special Olympics and I have 2 nephews with Downs. The House is a brick home about 3500 sq ft on 25 acres.

I am in California every year so if you would like to continue this in person or face to face as you say just let me know what part. I would enjoy having a conversation with you about this.


I laugh at how your name is Thank God but yet you do everything except thank God. You see it is like this.

When you know that this job is not your source and you truly "Thank God" for all he had given you then and only then will you understand why I am not upset. You can call me names and yet I will still stand and Thank God that he gave me wisdom to handle my finances.

As far as them coming for my job again I will Thank God and know that he has a better opportunity and plan for me. Just know this I am praying for God to give you clear direction and understanding on what you must do and I hope that you Thank God you still have a job.


To the poster Hey Lowes 4 Life;

Don't waste your time on an inbred imbecile like him. I mean look at his title Lowes 4 Life, what happens when they come for his job, with an attitude like his, he's toast- Karma is a *** sometimes, he will get his.

I wish you well and well of course many of our co- workers are gleeful about the SPIFF cut, its human nature, get your stuff in order, be patient. yes I too will have to curtail some of my fun too for a while, but use this time to develop new skill sets. Adversity is like a kite against the wind, eventually the kite rises, be well


I want to clarify that my comments are not directed at the current # 6 poster, but to the suck up known as Lowes 4 Life. My guess is that your some *** that lives in the deep south, congrads on almost paying off the trailer you built for yourself


The taking away of spiffs is so that Lowe's can lower their prices on things such as Appliances, Flooring, Tools, etc. Who is the #1 Retailer in the World?

Wal Mart! What drives them to be there? Certainly not Customer Service! Lowe's is striving to become the lowest priced choice, thus driving sales up, thus making SSEI more attainable for some stores, thus everyone wins!

I say give this a chance to work! We could have lost all, as it is, Lowe's cares enough about their Specialists and Associates to give them half of their SOS and spiffs in addition to hourly pay.

This will stay with them even if they change depts, promote, demote, the only way to lose it is to retire or quit! Or of course promote to salary position!


with regards to We can Just promote You. One word describes a person like you- Turd


With reply to #6- Perhaps some people have not saved or planned for their futures. I am also an appliance specialist on the west coast.

I sensed this was coming when the emphasis on internet order increased and when the I- Phone's arrived. I have had a 9 year run. Your comments mocking some of these people are really amazing. I work with a co- worker whose wife cannot work because they have a child with Autism.

You want to mock him too? My guess is that you do not have a child with Autism, and my guess is that you do not live in california either. two days notice is absolute ***. Even 60 or 30 days for people to be able to adapt or make a decision what to do would have been to decent thing to do.

You know I used to mock some of these protestors, protesting corporate greed etc.. Not anymore


Hey lowes4 life you are a ***. You say we took a job for a hourly wage and then complain about losing a bonus.

WRONG! ! That is not how it worked for me. I was recruited by the store manager 6 years ago to come to work for Lowes.

I had a pretty good job at the time and was told by the store manager that he wanted me to work for him. He offered me less money per hour than what I was making at my current job at the time but used the spiffs and commissions in the appliance position to lure me away from my other job. By the way I know of several other people that this tactic was used on. So *** yes I counter on that money to live on.

I'm so happy for you that your financial situation is better than mine but that doesn't make me wrong. You are a ***. I welcome any person on this site to come visit me and say the things to my face that you say on here. If you are willing to do this let me know how to contact you and we will get together.

I'm sure this won't happen because no one will have the guts to say the *** to my face. I know this because I have managers and others in my store that I have heard make comments for years that I am over paid and spiffs should go away. But not one of those people have had the nerve to say that to me for the last 2 days.

COWARDS! Let me know which one of you had the nerve to have this conversation with me face to face.


love the previos LEF comment kudos to u


love the previos LEF comment kudos to u


this really is just another sweet tactic for them to bring in lower paid unexperienced people who are not knowledgeable and who just get by for a paycheck lowes will have to fall flat in order to see that good help needs to be compensated and the customers will eventually see this and they will find other places to shop


I have always been proud to work for Lowes, mainly for how they have treated their employees in the past. The massive paycuts have been a rude awakening that they are no differant than working for any other retail chain, and are getting away from the "great people" building block.

Skilled selling associates will be replaced by a kid with an i-phone.

I believe the other changes are a great move, but they cannot take pay away from a majority of their associates and be successful. IMO