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I am a current employee of lowes. I have extensive major appliance sales experience with various companies in commission based positions as like my current position.

But what I have found out recently really disturbed me and may even be illegal. Competitors like SEARS pay their associates commission no matter what the selling price is, a flat 2-3% commission. The reason for that is because the manufacturer pays that commision back to SEARS or is negotiated with SEARS at point of mass inventory purchase. Either way that incentive is paid by the manufacturer.

Lowes pays their Appliance associates an hourly rate plus these vendor paid "SPIFFS" of dollar amounts, amount set by the vendor, instead of 2-3%. Would you believe that LOWES has put a restriction on discounting where we lose our commission if we sell at more than 10% off. Yet they still submit these uneligible sales to the manufacturer to get paid the "SPIFF"! Where do these spiffs go of up to $80 an Appliance.

Not to the employee who spent his hard working time with a customer who was going to buy from SEARS. But even though I saved the sale for LOWES I get scammed out of my commission because I had to go below a 10% discount to price match the competitors deal. What a freakin joke.

Some CEO's bonus getting paid on my hard work!


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It amazes me how a person can agree to work a job for an hourly rate and then get upset when a company decided to take a bonus away such as spiffs and commission and you call it a pay cut. My friend it is not a pay cut.

If you understand that you live off your hourly rate and not your spiff or commission. If you were smarter with your money you would not have lived beyond your means and had a life style dependent on a non guaranteed spiff. If you don't like the change quit or do something to get yourself fired then go try and draw unemployment and you will find that you will only get 80% of your hourly rate which does not included commission or spiffs. As a current Appliance Specialist I can tell you that this change did not hurt me.

Yeah so maybe I cannot buy a few toys I wanted but I can live off my hourly rate and I have 2 years left on a 30 year note on my house that I built 5 years ago and I have a nice nest egg built up because of my extra.

I am not now nor have I ever been reliant on my spiff. Time for some to take a money management class.


If you all have a problem with the way our company is trying to move forward and NOT fall into the same black holes that retailers such as Circuit City fell in then just man-up and write a resignation letter and hand it to your HR Manager and we will be glad to look at you as you walk our stores as customers, oh and if you have any money left, we will be glad to help you load OSB on your trucks so you can board up your houses after the bank repos it.


Funny how my post was deleted clearly by someone who was upset to be called out about their illiteracy and dumb comments. You people should put this much effort into your jobs it might make a difference.


Before some of you idiots continue to make yourselves look ***. You might want to utilize a dictionary and gain some grammer skills.





*** :grin

Dazed and confused

It does make you wonder if this is a way to get higher paid people to quit so they can replace them with lower paid new hires. I saw this happen at Home Depot and left disgusted.

Now it is creeping in at Lowes. The veiled threat of having to still meet your budgets is a tip off! Glad I am at the end of my career path and can retire soon.

Pity the mind numbed robots that are young and will have to put up with the coming changes. Sure makes me want to work hard.....NOT.


Lowe's can not use spiff money from the manufactors to negotiate lower prices. Its not even their money they are negotiating with.

Home Depot does not pay spiffs and there prices are about the same as lowe's from the same vendors. These Vendors are not going to lose HD business.

Lowe's is lieing when they say they are negotiating. They are just keeping the money.


Lowe's has been doing this for years on a smaller scale. They have keeped lowering the spiff amount to the salesmen and now they have come over the top and want it all.

Oh you can have half of what commission you made in 2011 but after that you get none! Lowes sales are going to go down the tolet fast.

Who wants to sell anything now, I wouldn't even try to sell a high dollar product. I hope the appliace sales for the whole company goes down so they see that you can't treat your employees like this!!!


LOWES....Help!!!! We are falling into the "SEA of SAMENESS" LMAO....


Lowes really shows there sales help that they really do suck


Hey I work at home depot and have tried for years to get a position at Lowes in appliances now i can stop. What seperated lowes and Depot was there sales people.

Incenitives work! Incenitice=more sales. I spent 10 yrs of my life at Circuit City and was one of the top 3 in the country selling appliances and yes I worked hard to get there only to watch them fade away due to CEO geting paid way to much.Cut the FAT at the top!

These guys are the front line at any copany. Looks like LOWES is on its way out!


"Quit you bunch of babies" is making eneryone's point but is too *** to realize it. Lowe's WANTS the specialists to quit so they can hire PT employees for $10-12/hr.

to move customers thru the store like cattle. Most ASMs and Dept. Mgrs at Lowes are THRILLED by this because they don't like the Sales specialists.

They don't like the fact that some specialist make more than they do, All I have to say on that is...Those who can do....those who can't become managers. Try not to be so jovial to the employees who took the pay cut.


Bunch of babies? I can see your education was a top priority in your hiring.

Lets chop off 20% of your pay and see what you have to say. I have worked my way up to an ASM and back down to specialist where the money was. 12 years I have dealt with the cuts,chops and screwings. Yes I chose to stay but no more.

Lowe's is going to loose alot of people and yes we know where the door is.

Do you? Best dust your resume off and get ready because your position is already on the chopping block for the summer bend over season....


Telling the sales people to stop crying is ridiculous. YOU'RE THE FOOLS.

Lowe's is STEALING from employees.

I guess when it happens to you, you won't cry about it?

The spiffs aren't stopping. They're just not being given to SA anymore. LOWES IS POCKETING THE MONEY YOU DOLTS!!!

I don't even work at Lowes but my best friend, who's lost a home, filed bankruptcy, and has medical bills does.

He certainly isnt living ABOVE HIS MEANS.


Just wait till they start thinking of pushing out the people that make over $20.00 per hour and bring in some POS to help run a department or try to sell the things they have no idea about. Lowe's is being run like Narnelli did with Home Depot get rid of the people you need and worry about it later. Oop's it's Niblock I meant to say that's running Lowe's.


Lowes went down hill when they took out customer service


If Lowes wants to take away the only reason that the experienced sales people stayed this long then let them shoot themselves in the foot. I will gladly go where the paychecks are, as will most of the experienced and knowledgeable sales staff. Smooth move Lowes, I'm sure thats how you capture market share, drive off your experience staffed in exchange for lower negotiated vendor prices and expendable laborer *** that will work for $10/hr.


In response to QUIT YOU BUNCH OF BABIES are a real piece of work. Fool???

Maybe....but your job will be gone soon enough.



Not a Happy Camper... Mr.

Niblock...Are you and all of the other Exec's also taking a 20% pay cut??? Not that it would really have much of an affect on your lifestyle... I'm just hoping I don't have my home foreclosed after this shafting... And as for the ASM who posted here....

your position is next on the chopping block...guess you haven't heard about ASM job positions being eliminated. SURPRISE!!!! Coming to you soon...Stores will only have a SM and Admin Mgr position, no more ASM's.

Already looking for a part time job to offset my paycut from Lowes. Shame, shame,shame.


To you Lowes managers and people who say we can quit and find another job. You say its about time spiffs are gone.

You are idiots. That is only jealousy speaking. Do you understand what this does to families? And only to pay more bonuses to the top execs.

I support a wife and 3 kids on my Lowes appliance salary. I worked in commission only sales for 10 years before getting the position at Lowes. I put in plenty of hard times. As far as the easy schedule.

Give me a break. I hardly ever get to see my kids because I work weekends and nights most of the time. Now I will see less of them because I will have to get a part time job to make up for what I lost. That's just wrong.

I left a good job to come to Lowes. They recruited me and sure as *** used the spiffs and collisions to get me to leave my other job. The top execs could take a 5% pay cut and never notice it. That would surely amount to more than what they took from us.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Screw Lowes. They do not care about people.