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I am a current employee of lowes. I have extensive major appliance sales experience with various companies in commission based positions as like my current position.

But what I have found out recently really disturbed me and may even be illegal. Competitors like SEARS pay their associates commission no matter what the selling price is, a flat 2-3% commission. The reason for that is because the manufacturer pays that commision back to SEARS or is negotiated with SEARS at point of mass inventory purchase. Either way that incentive is paid by the manufacturer.

Lowes pays their Appliance associates an hourly rate plus these vendor paid "SPIFFS" of dollar amounts, amount set by the vendor, instead of 2-3%. Would you believe that LOWES has put a restriction on discounting where we lose our commission if we sell at more than 10% off. Yet they still submit these uneligible sales to the manufacturer to get paid the "SPIFF"! Where do these spiffs go of up to $80 an Appliance.

Not to the employee who spent his hard working time with a customer who was going to buy from SEARS. But even though I saved the sale for LOWES I get scammed out of my commission because I had to go below a 10% discount to price match the competitors deal. What a freakin joke.

Some CEO's bonus getting paid on my hard work!


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now lowes is giving ZERO spiffs or commission to anyone! and for all you jerks that think the people getting spiffs have it easy...***!

i have a bachelors degree and make less than most cashiers! my commission and spiffs made up for what i didnt make in base pay. and p.s im in a dept. that can not be worked by someone without a degree or years and years of experience.

and im sooooo sorry to say anyone can water plants, run a register or load stuff...not everyone can design kitchens. i am sooooo disappointed in lowes!


it shows lowe's is no different than any other large corporation. They don't care about their employees they just care about capturing market share and their bottom line. I do believe this will come back to haunt them as this program offset them from the likes of sears and home depot


I worked in appliances before I became a ASM.I made the move because everyone saw this coming, if you didnt you are a fool.This move will only help us take Sears out as the #1 retailer of appliances.For everyone crying about their spiffs being gone just quit go sell cars.The door is at the front of the store.Or just step down and go and water the plants outside and still make more money than every hourly person in the store.


:grin work your butt off to get yourself in position to sell appliances, pick up and move. take a chance in life, nothing has ever been handed to me in life except a nice payche ck for selling all those appliances :p


$35? thats the bonus you were counting on?lol


I can tell that no one here really has looked at a Dash-7 or you would understand...


Well, Husband came home tonight and told me that the Lowe's Store he works in, none of the Manager's are getting a Bonus this week!!! Yep, you all heard me right.

Been waiting a whole year on this Bonus. They went back to their old ways, so they did not get a Bonus last September making them wait to March, where they get a Bonus just once a year now. Well, like I said that did not even happen after waiting for that year. Store did 100% percent in sales and 84% in profit so they did not qualify so they say.

I just feel sorry for the Managers at Lowe's because they work really hard.

My husband works 11 to 12 hours a day. I just feel really sorry for the men and women in the Management positions right now who did not get their Bonus.


I've worked here for three weeks. I am already being discriminated against because my manager doesn't like my availability.

Maybe if they paid enough I wouldn't have to work two jobs to NOT make ends meet. Seriously, these guys are ripping me off, and have all of you supporters brainwashed. Greedy corporate bigwigs with guts hanging over their impotent crotches pocket all of your hard work.

My other job pays more and has great benefits, it's just part-time. I may well have to quit Lowes, but I know God will take care of me better than those guys ever can anyway.


I don't know what ur complaining about. If it wasn't for the 5 finger discounts brought through the return line I couldn't survive.

Its a shame to work full time & not make enough 4 ur family. My onlybright spot was when I Went on welfare.

The claims officer didn't even blink. She says lowes sends a lot of business their way


SHUT UP !!!! You seem to forgotten what a spiff is, its a Bonus, and to earn that bonus u must sell the product.

Selleing to product is NOT offering the customer what ever price they want, just so you get a spiff. Do your job and sell it at full price! As for the so called unseen insentives go, your vendors don't pay Lowes if the appliance is discounted, so shut your mouth and do your job or quit.

Now, the Thanksgiving bonu, it was a BONUS, your the *** one, you shold never count on a bonus that's why they call it a BONUS!

I'm going to take a guess.....most of you winers have write ups for performance issues. I have worked for over 10 yrs., I started as a part time loader, worked my way up (csa,spec.,dept.,many dept.) And now I am Assistant Store Manager, there are not to many copanies that you can work your way up in, oh ya and I have a GED.

So Lowe's is a great to work for when you are person that wants to work and earn a again.....SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!


I work in apps for 6 years, delivery, paint, home decor, plumbing and all over. For anyone in app to complain is ridiculous.

You brag about your major app experience like you deserve the spiff. Appliances is the easiest dept to work in the store. Half of your spiff is just ringing orders and pushing the EPP. Don't act like your a top salesman that the store can't do without, your a loader at heart.

Do yourself a favor and be happy that you get a hourly rate no matter what you sell, and that you get the privilage to work in a dept with you can make extra money. Your not better than anyone else in the store. That's the spiff getting to your head.

Shut your mouth and do your job or go to Sears and give another loader the privilage to make some spiff... You jobber


This is the most greedy morale breaking company I've ever worked for. Don't worry Niblock, ill help myself 2 some merchandise


My husband has worked for lowe's almost 7 years now, he is the best worker at his store. He does everything asked of him plus the job of many other workers.

He has been praised by his managers and co-workers and yet when he puts in for a promotion he is rejected and told maybe next time. We are wanting to move out of state and he has been trying to get a transfer to another lowe's. He applied for a job which would have been a promotion as well, he was the most experienced person that applied for the job and he was turned down, they supposedly decided to go with some younger guy in their store. I don't know what is going on, but I don't like it.

Every year the check before Thanksgiving came with an extra $35.00 bonus we have just expected it and counted on it. The employees at my husbands store was told the day before payday they weren't getting that bonus, but the CEO was getting his HUGE bonus :? That CEO has worked sooooo hard to make lowe's a #1 store, he deserves all that money. NOT!

Well Mr.

CEO you have totally ruined the moral of the lowe's employees. :upset


well lowes blows, since you've decided to open your mouth---that little loophole has been "fixed" as promised. No SPIFFs are paid on items with the pre-packaged price changed (as of 2wks ago).

In addition, our base pay is OUR PAY for a job well-done. You're hired to sell against the competition & to keep people coming to your store, thats how you get extra employees (help) and keep your hours. I mean really...commission is an incentive that doesn't have to be paid and if you have to go below 10% to make the sale, you're not a salesman but an order taker. You didn't EARN the extra money.

Consider it a tip for a job well done, rather than a right. Where do the "unpaid SPIFFs" as you call them go? To your stores bottom line and eventually your BONUS. Perhaps i sound a bit harsh, but i came from home depot where it WAS harsh, and we didnt get commission & our bonuses were less, and I STILL did my job because that's what I was paid to do.

Now if you dont like your pay, you should have negotiated better.

As for low increases..a standard increase for any job is 2.5-3%. Actually Lowes gives 3% for outstanding performance. If you're not performing any better than the previous year, then you're gonna get 2.5%, standard to adjust for inflation. You want more than 3%?

Go get a degree, increase you sales drastically (keep records so you have proof), or learn to argue your case better. And no, I'm not a manager. Im a specialist just like i presume you are, and im sick of hearing ppl complain about this.Go work elsewhere if you dnt like it & see if its really better. Lets talk about something that really BLOWS..Genesis...

can we upgrade to some 2008 software??? ***, 2000???


That was SOOOOO funny ! :grin


I am really wondering why spiffs drop 15% or more a year and wonder if the manufacturer has really stopped paying that much or if my company has decided I'm not going to be needed in 5 years.


I totally agree with Lowe's blows. I am also an employee who has been with the company for over 6 years now.

They take everything they can from us. This is not the company I started working for 6 years ago. Lowe's no longer pays competitively, we get 2.5% raises every year, for me this year that equaled 31 cents and I'm one of the higher paid associates. How do you expect people to raise a family and support themselves on that?

Bob Niblock made 9.65 million dollars last year alone. How about sharing the wealth?

Our name tags used to say "Employee Owner since ..." This is no longer the case.

Oh and Tech Support, instead of spending your time online perhaps you could do your job so I do not have to sit on hold for half an hour every time I call MIS, or get the "due to high call volumes you call cannot be answered at this time, please try back later." Not so much a good answer to a customer who has to stand there and wait because our outdated computer systems go down constantly.


hehe, funny how your quick to react to the bs loop but avoid the the real problem. Where do the UNELLIGABLE INCENTIVES go.

no comments on that. Being that it sounds that you can give some hard facts tell us for what reason does lowes put that limit on their employees. Could it be that LOWES is more concerned about margin than giving the employee what is rightfully theirs.

instead take it to put back into the bottom dollar or pay for even urself to do the research your doing right now? Please enlighten us all.


Thanks for the tip! We'll get that little loophole fixed up post haste.