Austin, Texas

I bought a plant at Lowe's and when I went home I found that my sandals were destroyed. I had walked through what I thought was water only to find that when I got home it was a solvent or chemical of some kind that ate the plastic off the bottom of my sandals.

I called the store but it was closed so I called early the next morning and the manager a female called Jennie asked me to bring them in for her to look at which I did. When I showed them to her she appoligized and said she would give me 10% off my next purchase. I told her I automatically got 10% since I was a veteran. So she asked me what she could do for me and I said replace the sandals they cost me $39.95.

She said she had no policy that covered that kind of replacement. So I said what do you suggest and she said the best I can do is say we are sorry.

I conferred with my wife when I got home and we decided we would never shop at another lowe's which we frequent over home depot.

Having been in business before I retired (I am now 72 years old) I would have tried to correct this immediately to the customers satisfaction. Watch want you step in when shopping at Lowe's you are at your own risk.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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I worked in the garden center for 8 yrs. The only chemical that would eat the soles off your sandles would be Muratic acid and it would be eating the concrete up too.

YOu had to have stepped in something BEFORE you got to the store. Fertilizer, bug killer NOTHING will do that, they are all in plastic containers and the soles of your sandles are rubber or plastic. So you shot your self in the foot so to speak. But I see a lot of "old" people who do this and get mad at nothing.

There is no way she could have just handed you the $40 for the sandles. She could have given you a gift card or a discount, which she offered, but you wanted her to replace your cheap sandles ( $40 sandles are cheap not quality in case you didn't know) Try smiling for a change, and try to remember where you were before you got there.


:roll :roll She said sorry tried to give you 10% off. She can't open a register and hand you $39.95 for a pair of sandals (which you can't really prove was destroed there or somewhere else).

A mistake was made somewhere and she tried to fix it.

No need to post here when a manager tries to help... :cry :cry :cry


Yes, if I were the manager I would have given an apology and your $39.95. It doesn't make sense to *** off a potential future customer and saves time to conduct business.

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