Phoenix, Arizona

Went in to buy a hot water tank, the computer show they have one in stock,,but they couldn't find it, in the Marietta Ohio store. They checked Parkersburg WV, and showed they had 3,,I ask if it could be brought to the Marietta store, They said no..I am caring for my husband, and can't leave him that long to drive down to Parkersburg. For around 400.00 I was willing to spend on this,,They should have at least found a way to deliver it to Marietta. I will not buy another range, washer etc,,,from Lowes because of their lack of service..(and no,,I wasn't willing to pay the shipping from another store.)

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Have you seen the cost of freight charges lately, your $400.00 tank would have cost at least 100.00 to ship. I'm sure if you owned a business you would lose money on every sale you made too. Good Luck lady


Most stores do not transfer from store location to store location.