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Lowes store screwed me out of a $107.00 gift! I had brought back a non working product,Lowes said they would exchange it.

Instead of exchanging the gift,like they said they would.They gave back the person who bought it for me,credit on there credit card.I asked Lowes not to do this,but they did againest my wishes.

The person who bought me this gift, no longer has that credit card,so the card does not exist.I had asked Lowes to cancal,the transaction & so did the person who had bought the gift,since the card does not exist anymore.Lowes saided they would call me back,but didnt.I got a brush off from them,when I called them. Lowes has my $107.00 gift.I cant believe Lowes gave back credit againest my wishes,on a credit card that doesnt exist.Why couldnt Lowes, just give me a even exchange like they said they would.THANKS TO LOWES,THEY SCREWED ME OUT OF A GIFT THAT WAS BOUGHT FOR ME!!

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Wel if they did this the person who got u this gift should have gotten a check back at the address they last had on file.. The person who's card was credited should have called the card company and made sur they would send the check if there was no balance if there is a bal it would go towards it...

Trust me this happened to me but not at lowes I got a check in the mail... So chances r the person who got u this got $ back in some form... And I bet u any $ this is the case...

And welcome to the real world accidents happen all it takes is 1 button to credit the card used ... Be mad at the person who got u this gift and tell her to call the card co not lowes they can just cancEl a return!!!


Welcome to the real word, people are just following the companies policies,it will be more surprises in your life and you will have to learn how to deal with it on your own and not blaming someone.

And like "Irish" I think same.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #132918

Genius, they do returns the way that they received the money.

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