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Wonder if Lowes managers or someone in charge of these stores ever wondered why so few people are at their store..but walk over to Home Depot and the lot is full and many in store. I tried to go to Lowes..they do give veteran benefits but thats about it.

Original complaint was regarding paint for deck at Lowes on 198th in west Vancouver. Got couple different stories ...on types of paint for deck and in garbage that differed. Finally went to Home depot..Latest was buying Hardie one at Lowes knew how to install and none knew there is a Hardie board saw blade. Went to Home depot ...this was a bout a 500 dollar order....

Yesterday Sept 12 was at Lowes up on 500 heading up to Battleground...stopped to get few hundred in construction 8:30 am....loaded up and got to counter..accepted my 214 vet card...and called for manager....Actually called a number of times...with no response in 15 min...Although no one in store in that time there were 5 persons lined up behind me.

Finally gall asked the employee across from her for help..and he said he was not a manager don't ask him for help I did not realize at time he could have been checking out those others standing there...Finally a sales manager showed up ...after many calls....and use his card to approve my vet benefit....and told others in line to go across to that employee that told off my sales lady...and motioned him to start checking them out. We had quite a discussion later about why was that guy just opening packages and made no effort to help the gal once she had problems waiting for a manager to approve my vet benefit...That guy should be fired....

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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