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In 2008 we purchased a storm door. We were told that if we purchase this selection and have Lowes installed the door, everything will be covered for the lifetime of the door.

A couple of months ago, the door started to not close so we contacted Lowes. They sent someone to look at the door then called us a few days later and told us we have to pay for parts.

I told them we were told installation and lifetime of the door. They told us, installation is only for a year and Lifetime means the FRAME of the door, not the parts on the door. Isn't the door consist of the frame, screen, glass that's make up the door?!?!? WTF!?!?

She then proceed to tell me they would never have said such a thing to us and if I have proof to back myself up. I told her, that was just poor customer service and if she has proof that this wasn't said to me when I bought the door?!?!.

I felt they have suckered and lied me into purchasing a door and using their installers when we could have done it ourself. Oh yeah, Lowes CS said "we gave you that option to install it yourself". I said "you guys told us if we let your installer install the door, its all warranted".

Thanks Lowes!! Now I have to find my 2008 paperwork to read the fine freakin line. Thought Lowes was more reputatble then that. Guess I was wrong. Now I'll think twice before making a purchase with you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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I was told the whole door, screen everything was lifetime warranty. If the screen was torn they would come out and fix it.

It all depends on who tells you what and how much of it we as consumers can believe.

Tell you anything these days. I have been told lifetime warranty entire door more than once at my local store.


There are parts on a storm door that are not under warranty like closers. The labor warranty is for one year and on installer related issues.

Error by installer. Wind Damage will void ALL warranties.

The consumer is responsible to make sure they close their storm door and make sure it is secured. You would be amazed how many wind damage calls the stores get and then the customer thinks it's the stores,manufacures and installer responsibility to resolve.


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Some current model doors do carry lifetime warranties and some carry "limited lifetime" warranties. A warranty claim is against the manufacturer of the door, which is Larson.

There is a serial number on the hinge side z-bar (frame) and a 1800 number in your warranty/care and cleaning pamplet.

Call the number and give them the serial along with the issue and Larson will take care of it 99% of the time with few questions asked. you can go there as well, but warranty is best at the 1800 number.


My storm door has a lifetime warranty on all parts. Im sure the sales person told him " Lifetime" warranty-as did my sales person. There are a few things not covered but I did read my warranty before my purchase.


Did you ask for a copy of the warranty? I expect that if you did and took time to read it you will find that the door itself has a lifetime warranty.

Hardware and parts subject to normal wear such as weatherstripping are warrantied for one year.

Pretty standard for storm doors. Always take time to read a written copy of the warranty if that is what determines if you buy a product or not.


I suspect you misunderstood what the salesman was telling you. No one is going to warrant a storm door for "life." These things get used and abused and you cannot expect Lowes to replace parts worn out thru normal wear and tear.

I think they were being entirely fair in warranting it for one full year. After that, fix the darned thing yourself!!