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I was at Lowe’s in Streetsboro late yesterday afternoon. Based on my experience, I totally understand why Lowe’s sales decline.

I walked out their door, disapointed they didn’t want my $8,000! My intent was to purchase a new refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and carpeting for 3 rooms. I walked around their appliance dept. for a minimum of 10 minutes.

There were 2 employees at the appliance kiosk. One spoke with a patron for a few minutes. Another was facing my direction but reading something intently, or looking at his phone. Not once did either offer to assist me.

As I proceeded to walk out the door I very politely but loudly announced my exit. I said ‘Attention please, since it is obvious, Lowe’s does not need or want my money, I am leaving for Home Depot where I will gladly hand over my $8,000 in return for goods of which I seek today.’ One employee offered for me to speak to the manager. I shouldn’t have to go through a manager to get service, let alone decent service! I come from a background of servicing people, customers, people who come back afterward for more of the same.

It sure was lacking here! On my way to Home Depot, I called back to Lowe’s and asked to speak to the manager. I explained what had occurred a few minutes earlier and where I was headed now. The manager says ‘I will look into it.’ He never once tried to rectify the situation and offer to make it right.

I was expecting something like ‘allow us to make it right.’ Or ‘Please return to our store and we’ll offer a discount to make up for the poor experience.’ He really had very poor customer service skills. He didn’t really care, like the rest of his employees. I happily spent my wad at Home Depot. Lowe’s closing stores?

Understandably so!!! Shrug

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Reason of review: No customer service.

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So you went to a "self-service home improvement center". never ASKED anyone for help, and then got pissed and went to another "self-service home improvement center" down the street.

All to save a few bucks over the local full service places.

Brilliant! Just....BRILLIANT!