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most of the department managers at Lowes in Osage Beach have no business being in that position. Doug Kies, Nevada, adam, brandy(ASM).

Oh yah the ones that come in smelling of sticky substances are lucky you dont get tested. Which leads me to believe why some of them dont use power equipment. When your a dept. manager you really just have the title and very little power.

the cool associates at that lowes you want to deal with are as follows: braden, mattp, tim, tyler s, katie in seasonal, carrol e, mimi, roy, earl, and the rest are straight up garbage who are lucky they even have a job.

I straight up used that place to get my real job. lol peace im out.

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TV News loves to show news storys about people getting Robbed and even better when the robber gets caught.

I am waiting for someone wanting to do a story on LOWES doing the robbing cause they were caught and nothing is being done about it.

Lowe's did that to me. I have the 100 percent proof too.


BUY your......MASK V FOR VENDETTA .....

we need to plan a V DAY against LOWE's

We do not need large numbers at each store... JUST one person will do per store.... People need to be warned about LOWE's...

DO NOT GET ANYTHING INSTALLED BY THEM........ THEY SEND OUT a third party contractor....and they do most the time bad work. LOWES will not help you once things go wrong....

Try to deal with LOWES and than CLAIMS... nothing but LIES.......






That's not true I work there and they have attempted to fix these problems. Now customers Are given a survey about how they thought the install went based on quality and the professionalism of the installer.

If the installer gets to many bad surveys/reviews by the customer they get fired. So tell me how does Lowe's not care if they are listening to the customer and if the customers are constantly leaving bad feedback the installer gets FIRED.

Puts pressure on installer to make sure he does a good job. Oh this sites full of whiners which most are probably grumpy old wrinkled people who are retired nothing better to do with there spare time.


I bet your problem with the contractor is you wanted him to do more than you paid for you people make me sick every job I install you want *** for free or you buy the cheapest product they have and want it installed by a contractor and us to warranty it. I got news for you buy *** get ***.

I have perfect scores for over 4 years and do about 120 installs a year for them. So next time use 2 welfare checks instead of one and get good material and maybe your contractor won't be so miserable when he has to take out your animal urine soaked floors


Poor baby you have to actually work. Don't like what you are doing, do something else. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh


The lowest managers at the orem utah store suck. Specifically the assistant manager Rob who has no business in management or dealing with customers.

When I told him I didn't want to deal with him and wanted to speak with the stores general manager he specifically told me that he was the general manager. He's a lying *** is what it is. The problem I had was with American standard toilets Balti *** product. Not once did he ever even ask who the manufacturer was.

So obviously he had no intent of passing the word on that their products are defective. He would not provide any information as to customer service or customer care. Spoke with Casey long in the system manager. 11 times I asked him for the name of the stores general manager and the regional or marketing director.

11 times he refused to give me that information. 12 pine he finally gave me the store managers name like its a secret. Obviously the general manager Matt Clark must teach his employees that it's okay to lie not to solve the problem and never ever ever get out his name. He has no business being a general manager that's what he does.

Taking a great deal of effort but I found out Tom Johnson is the marketing director and Dawn Michael is the VP of store operations. I will be contacting them tomorrow with my complaint issues. It's ridiculous that I have to find this information out over the Internet And that the stores will not provide it.

Take your business to Home Depot and stay away from Lowes and never buy an American Standard champion 4 toilet.





PS.. to prove my point, TOPCASH.COM recorded the lowes transaction as...

26 Jan 2013 Lowe's 225850721 $819.34

From: n******

Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2013 4:59 PM


Subject: Re: Online Exp Technical Question

Let me tell you what happened, looks to me like the sight has cheated us.

I placed an order for 4 kitchen cabinets, 2 countertops and 2 table legs. approx $800 ( I have all the actual info written down)

I used 4 paper gift ecards for approx $450 and a plastic lowes $500 giftcard.

As I was placing the order and entering the giftcards the amounts were all correct.

the first 4 used up the ecards and left 0 balance and the balance was deducted from the $500 card, leaving me with approx $156 (I have actual amts written down)

balance on the plastic card.

all looked fine, I entered my lowes 10% coupon, and still everything was fine.

Then I pressed place order.

well the next page refused the order for the 4 cabinets saying that the giftcards could not be charged for those items.


but without asking, it placed the remainder of the order, for the countertops and table legs, with only a charge of $229.

Lo and behold, I went to the sites page to check the balances on the ecards, and the $100,$50, and $37.19 were still saying they were right, but the last one the $254.75 ecard comes back as only $52.73!

AND the Plastic $500 card now has a 0 balance!

Now the order doesn’t come up on the site at all, and I am out $500 on the plastic card and $202.02 on the ecard?

and I have no merchandise.

Can you please explain to me where my money has gone to?



4 out of 4 orders screwed me. They took my $2800 when I ordered a fridge - I checked my account and they charged me. On the day it was to be delivered, I stayed home from work. When the delivery truck missed the appointment, I called Lowes and they said "what fridge??". They charged me but never ordered it. I canceled the order.

When I ordered my carpet, the installers called me and asked why I had only ordered 120sq.ft. of padding when I got 120 linear ft. of carpet (12' or 14' wide). Needless to say, there was not nearly enough padding ordered.

I ordered tile for a small bathroom - only needed 2 boxes. They were late by 2 weeks coming in. When they arrived, they were 2 completely separate boxes. I had to wait 2 more weeks for another one.

I ordered a microwave from online. When I was checking out, it said that it would be delivered within 3 weeks. After I had completed my order, it said June (which was 4 months away). I canceled.

And finally, tonight I was checking out on their website ordering 5 windows. Their site couldn't sign me in to my account because of "maintenance" so I checked out as a guest. It threw me "error 62" the three times I tried to check out.



Wow you really really really can take the abuse lol. Why the *** did you give them so many chances then retard if they *** everything up.



Lowes in Monroe Washington appears to follow suite as the other complainers. Two examples as of late:

1) Looking for eye hooks of a specific size. Open the drawer... Out of stock. Try in the next size larger... Out of stock. Try the next size smaller... Out of stock. Next need caribiners. Wow they have a large row of bins for these, too! Find my required size, open the drawer... Out of stock. Try larger out of stock. This continues. I start to leave open all the drawers of stuff they were out of. sad. Not being able to complete my purchases, I asked for a store manager who they eventually found. He listened to my complaints and merely said, "We'll look into it." I head to Fred Meyer and find a huge selection of exactly what I need. Lowes doesn't seem to care.

2) Today I walk in with my aged rollup blind I want to replace. I find two employees conversing with a couple, apparently finishing up a sale of blinds. One employee clearly is finishing with them. The other employee begins casually talking to me about my obvious need for the replacement. I wait. The first employee thanks them and says the other employee will finish their paperwork. He then walks away! I wait some more. After a few more minutes of pacing and waiting I state, "Did that other guy just walk away?"

"Yeah," he replies, and continues working with the couple. I asked the couple, "Are you sure you want to do business with this place?" Zero acknowledgement from anyone. I walk around a few aisles with my broken blind. Zero acknowledgement. I left. Not coming back here again. These folks put a Coast to Coast out of business. I suggest avoiding this store.


Lowes is going down. My advice is to loot your store cause u wont get severence & theyre operating procedure is 2 deny ur unemployment after years of service.

get what u can when u can. Lp is a joke anyway


Lowes in San Diego is Horrible,I will never shop there again!!!they are out of everything and there staff dont know anything?Plus they have an attitude like your bothering them!!I pray they close!I cant believe they can stay in buisness with there idiossy?good luck lowes?


Idiossy indeed.


Home Depot is my new store! Until they screw something up and then where will you be mr jack wad?

Do you think your comment matters? Is it possible that perhap just maybe you could have picked up the phone and made a call? No not you!

Home depot is my new store! I have a place to install that dish washer for you wanna know where?


Lowe's in lubbock TX has lost my business. Waited 2 hours for a dishwasher I had ordered online only to find out it was the display model.

Now, 2 weeks later, I am still waiting to get it installed.

I was told someone would call within 72 hours and it's been 5 days and NO phone call. Home Depot is my new store!!!


The level of incompetency at the north store is beyond belief. 4 people behind the service counter, one sitting up asleep at the telephone, the store manager being an *** and 1 person helping customers.

Went in to buy a trailer and they pissed me off so bad I walked out.

apparently Lowe's (1) Hasn't bothered to review the licensing regs for the state of Missouri and (2) doesn't care anyway because they're OBVIOUSLY the experts. Hint: No driver's license is required to APPLY FOR A TITLE.


This site is great. It gives people a place to vent ercause they are afraid of the people they are speaking about.

No wonder everyone laughed at you people,no self esteem,afraid of your own shadow,afraid to exptress your feelings. Yep, you people got it all,LOLLOLLOL!


what you should do is contact corporate. this is very sad when people who work for a large company complain that the company does NOT follow policy on ALL employees.

they don't follow the return policy either!! if investors knew how much material lowes takes back they would NEVER place stock in Lowes at all. when I worked there in returns I got in trouble for not allowing a customer to return his item he purchased two years ago and had no receipt. what in the world???!!!

on top of that he didn't have warranty for the item. what I know about lowes is that if a manager gets a call from a customer to corporate with a complaint they fire them which is the reason why management didn't want me to deny the customers return. I also have been in a situation where I denied a lady returning her broom THAT WAS NEVER PURCHASED AT LOWES!! the manager on duty took a broom off the shelf knowing that it wasn't the same broom and returned it for her with her driver license just to make the customer happy!!

auditors and stock owners alike WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THAT??? you see...thank God I have another job because I couldn't last there much longer anyways. what they did to another co-worker was sad as well. she worked a 5pm or 6pm shift since she begun working there and had exceedingly passed her 3 month training/trial period.

without her consent hr and the store manager (the two who I had problems with as well) changed her shift from 5pm to 6am!! she lives on the bus line with two kids and no transportation you jerks. on top of that how in the world can someone do that to someone else? people we are not speaking of an hour difference, a two hour difference nor even three but...11!!!

when I helped her write a letter explaining that she couldn't do the changed hours and it was done wrongly the store manager Michael Owens denied he had any part in it and had the audacity to ask her if she was coming into work later on that week. by the way...that was a lie because both him and the Hr rep planned her schedule change. lol. to be honest I worked within lowes for 5 1/2 years.

I've seen managers come and go as well as hr managers. these two who I and other people have had problems with are the ONLY managers I have really disliked and seen them do things unjustly. Hr manager who I am speaking of also told me rather than calling outside garden to verify plant returns to just TAKE BACK whatever the customer says it is on the receipt!! I told her I couldn't do that because the plant the customer may say it is truly may not be it and we could lose money!!

because our store hadn't had a sufficient amount of employees working in that department her choice instead of having the customers wait was to have the company lose money and that's ok??? Michael the store manager hid roof rakes when ct had a major storm...isn't it in the policy that we are not to hide merchandise from customers unless the merchandise is actually purchased??? Furthermore why would a store have absolutely no signs up informing customers gas and propane items are prohibited from the store? so it leaves the worker to inform the customer who wants to return a gas powered item that he/she has to wait outside until help comes!!

speaking of propane signs are they really big enough for people to see?? then you have customers getting upset because they have to leave their propane tank outside and angry because you told them to. They have a guarantee of 20-25 min. to get your order ready once set.

If they do not the customer is guaranteed a $25 gift card.

The store also lost money because employees who wanted to look as if they were the 'top dogs' in the selling department gave unauthorized sales on merchandise in order to sell the items. how can a company grow when there are people there doing the things they do??