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most of the department managers at Lowes in Osage Beach have no business being in that position. Doug Kies, Nevada, adam, brandy(ASM).

Oh yah the ones that come in smelling of sticky substances are lucky you dont get tested. Which leads me to believe why some of them dont use power equipment. When your a dept. manager you really just have the title and very little power.

the cool associates at that lowes you want to deal with are as follows: braden, mattp, tim, tyler s, katie in seasonal, carrol e, mimi, roy, earl, and the rest are straight up garbage who are lucky they even have a job.

I straight up used that place to get my real job. lol peace im out.

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Why does lowes downsize so much? im glad i got out in time.

Oh by the way brandy quit humping all the other zone managers you have already broken up a marriage as well as an engagement.

quit flirting with braden as well. what a skank your not that hot anyways.


has now suffered another lost assistant store manager due to lack of support. the manager at osage beach store is there to cover his own butt and doesnt care about his employees.

he promotes the lone girl ASM because she has a secret on him involving his wife. read the posts above to understand.


Lowes sucks - they can take those that are excited about working in a different career and turn it into confusion. I hope they get what they deserve - employees that are thieves and lazy :grin Hey don't worry about hard working and honest people they deserve to lose all their customers and do into bankruptcy :)


thank you for giving me my unemployment and not fighting it. i only recently started to really look for jobs since they have paid me for almost a year now. isnt america great!!!


wow why couldnt that happen to me when im in shopping in the store. i was just going to say i really like the store in osage beach.


I didn't expect to see anything on here about the local store. But since it's here, I might as well share something.

A few weeks ago my wife and I were in there and I had to use the mens room. So we find a nice spot for the wife to wait, head in the door and immediately hear some jostling in one of the stalls. After standing several moments by the door, pondering if I should walk out for a few minutes, I notice there are two pairs of feet visible in the stall, and they are facing each other. I didn't need much more time to hear the quiet sound of sucking and whispered naughty words.

I wound up walking out and my wife and I hung out at some merchandise nearby, curious about who had been in there.

A short time later a tall skinny young man with brown hair walked out along with a buxom female who had long blond hair. Both of them were in their Lowes attire.

My wife and I, both rather adventurous, didn't find the whole situation to be offensive at all. In fact we both got a good chuckle out of it.


we got the big wigs coming in today i wonder what this is all about. last time they were here they demoted every sales maanger and let go of 1 zone manager in every lowes across the nation.

could it be another downsizing effort? we will have to wait and see i will keep u updated.


they are way better than home depot in general


dont break ur wifes arm. hmmm(clearing my throat).

manager of osage beach. you sir are exposed.


its time to come clean. i like how store mgrs like yourself tell people they rushed you down to clean up the osage store when really you have anger management problems.

you shouldnt break your wifes arm thats not nice. i feel better now having kept that in for over 5 years. manager of osage beach lowes Mr.

N. consider urself exposed.


This stuff is great. Got me going from the big orange box.


since i started this blog i see that a few others have commented. i know they have commented cause i asked current employees to add to it.

although they may not be loyal to the company they are loyal to me just as they were when i worked there. UPDATE: mgr for seasonal busted for pot. so when i spoke about people using the stick green in the initial post i solidify my case.

when i speak you all should listen to me. no bs just facts.


Dude will be straight to your face than be a *** behind ur back. straight up two faced, he should work in HR cause he tries to balance people by telling them what they want to hear instead of fixing a problem.

by the way thanks for thee free fridge before i left. lolol


Is Mark "the indian giver" knuckolls still the manager there? if he lets you off early or need a favor hes good, than he will ask for something in return very shortly.


manager steps down after given only 2 days of training at. no wonder lowes goes through managers just like ihop goes thru pancakes.

they set you up to fail with no training and a lack of support from the higher aboves. heres an idea lowes, let your managers manage and quit micro managing.


I had great service when i was there over a month ago. thanks


5/28/2011 I was recently at the store at the lake of the ozarks with my daughter and got great customer service probably too well. It was so good that one of the guys kept checking on us and at one point brushed up against me almost to cop a feel.

Had it been my daughter I would have slapped him. After that I went to home depot.


i agree some of them are difficult to deal with i come down from st louis and have had bad experiences at te osage beach store.