My Husband purchased a Samsung Front Loader Washer and Dryer as my Christmas gift on Black Friday. The washer was delivered on time as scheduled however, Lowes did not bother to call us and tell us the dryer had not come in yet.

Ok, no problem, disappointed but Dept Manager said it would come in the week after. NOPE, now LOWES is saying sometime in January. Of course the charges have hit our credit card without a product to show for it. Come pick up the washer Lowes and refund our money.

Bad business, not cool, you SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowes is off our shopping list, never again. Dont mislead your Customers Lowes not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Lets put this in perspective. By policy and the ad once the stock is gone the sale is over.

So your store really helped you by allowing you to order the item at a cheap cheap price. So shut your pie hole you baby and tell your husband he is a real prince for buying you a washer and dryer for christmas.

Next year you will get a new steam cleaner and a hoover. Go stick your head in a hole and thanks for never shopping lowes again...


So basically your husband is bossing you around treating you like a slave by purchasing a washer and dryer for you. Basically he gave you a chore for Christmas.

What a lazy a$$.

He even got you to complain for him. Can't even write his own complaint.


No matter how big a retailer Lowe's is or will be, they do not have control over manufacturers and cannot magically force a manufacturer to deliver a product by a certain time, even if it's at the stake of a customer's satisfaction. So when they tell that an appliance might take more time to come in, what they really mean is -- it's going to take more time for it come in.

They can't speed up the process, no matter how hard they yell or ask Samsung.

Trust that they want your appliance to come in as much as you do, if only for you to stop giving them a hard time for something they cant control. :cry


It is now feb 16 2012 I too was to receive a washer and dryer for christmas and STILL have not seen it and they always tell me its smasungs fault well I DONT CARE whos fault it is should have told us up front but when I call they always say the mid of the next month not a good way to treat customers!!!!


Don't expect perfection out of others, even businesses, until you've achieve perfection yourself.

If this is all it takes to get you pissed, I can promise you that you are not a happy person.

Grow up and enjoy life.


Buy at Lowes and your fueling the Chinese economy. Almost everything they now sell is import junk from China.

Even if it's a little more, try going to an Ace Hardware, Best Hardware or any other local retailer that's more community based. Lowes is ALL ABOUT CHINA.


I'm gonna assume you got a heck of a deal on it, since it was black friday. Quit being one of the sheep and wait all year to purchase items on black friday...cheap ***

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