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I have had an ongoing argument with Lowes as we have been waiting to receive countertops in our kitchen for almost 6 weeks now...DO NOT GO THROUGH THEM! They are terrible and give you contractors that are the worst and no one has common sense.

They just want to obligate the contract and don't care about the person who has signed the contract. We would cancel the order all together but we will lose out on money. The countertop was on backorder and no one called to inform us. I had to call for us to find out.

Then they call today and want to install Tuesday! Common sense would say that they need to give us a little more of a heads up because they only install on the weekdays and the people who work don't even have enough notice to get off of work.

They just wanted to offer us that date because according to the contract, it needs to be installed by the 3rd. Since they offered us a date before the 3rd...even if it doesn't work for us, they are still under the contract even if we have them come in later.

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Ok so you are stating it has been six weeks but the contract must be fulfilled by the 3rd? The person setting the contract technically has no knowledge of the dates of install so they lied to you off the git go. If you are unhappy go get a refund they can try to refuse but if you demand a refund odds are they will give it to you.

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