Salisbury, Maryland

Bought a troy built mower from them, the drive belt went up and when we went back to the same store we bought the mower at... we were told they didn't stock the parts for the the mower, but they could order them online.

Problem here is if I ordered the part myself I could get it faster and cheaper, since Lowes jacked up the price and on top of that wanted to charge almost $20 shipping to order a part they should have stocked in the first place!

On top of that... the salesmen were rude, had no idea how to look up the part number - I had to do it for them.

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exactly, not every store has a replacement for everything. but every store does have loser customers like this guy.


Only a *** person would think a major retail store would carry replacement parts.


Do car dealer stock car parts for you to buy? Does Best Buy stock every part for every computer they carry?

C'mon....get your head out of your ***.


Big box stores usually do not have parts for mowers. You have to order them online or get them ordered through an authorized service place. This is NOT unusual.