Aurora, Colorado
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Just about every order I have placed with them has been screwed up in some way shape or form. Charging my for an ac unit that I ordered online but the refund takes days to get on an item they don't even have!

That's bull! Then when I call the store they are rude and don't really help me. They tell me to get it form annother store! Isn't this co a chain???

I shouldn't have to do that. Why would I purchase another 500 dollar unit when you haven't refunded me for the first one. A toliet I ordered in store took 3 months to come in and they claimed it would be much much less. THey have waisted a lot of my time and energy!!!

Back when I bought my house I called to check on my order of a dishwasher.... loe an behold--- they ordered me a spa tub instead.

WTF??? Three different times they failed to give my all my items at check out and I had to go back for them!!!

Get your act together lowes!!!

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Sounds odd to me. What does being a chain have to do with getting product from one store to another?

Most "Chains" have a distribution center that ships products to the stores. They usually don't have trucks running from one store to another. As for the refund it was probably a credit to a credit card. For some reason charges to credit cards are processed much faster than credits by the credit card companies.

Give it a day or 2 and it will show up. It's much more likely that you didn't take all your items from the check out counter than it is that they tried to keep them.

If they had ordered you a tub rather than a dishwasher that should have been plain as day on the order form at the time of order...why didn't you question it then. I don't think Lowes deserves all the blame here.